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February 2016 Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes

At the beginning of February is Imbolc, marking the return of the sun. Winter, it seems, is slowly waning. The days even now are just beginning to grow longer, although there’s still snow and cold weather to come. But we also may just see the first indications of spring! February is often a time of transition and change- out with the old and in with the new.
When I was a kid, my mom had a pressure cooker, a big ponderous steel affair, which worked much like a steam boiler. The basic idea was that steam built up in a sealed chamber, and there was a pressure release valve. It was a nozzle built into the lid of the cooker, pointing upwards. A metal weight sat on top of this nozzle, and gravity held the weight in place and the nozzle closed until the pressure of the steam was enough to push out past the weight. If you listened closely, at first you would hear the water beginning to boil inside. As time went on, you would hear the first staccato bursts of pressure as steam began to force its way out, rattling the weight in its seat. Before long the pressure had built up enough to fill the kitchen with the hiss of escaping steam and the weight rattling and dancing away as gravity held it down and the pressure forced its way out. This also told us that whatever was inside cooking was ready to go, and it was time to take the weight off and vent all the accumulated steam. In many ways, Imbolc is the same- we have now the first mutterings of boiling water, and perhaps the first jet of steam bursting its way out, with the promise of more to come. It may not be ready just yet, but the things we put in motion come to fulfillment. Nature works once more to bring things around into a new phase. It may not always happen all at once, but for every cause there’s an effect. What does this month hold for effects and causes? Let’s see!


Decan 1: (March 21-March 30)
From the Aecletic Community Tarot

7 of Pentacles

Patience is the name of the game this month. January brought us the Lovers, and this month you should continue to rely on others. Things are unfolding slowly, and we see in the suit of Pentacles those first rumblings of boiling water. It’s a balance between seeing the fruits of continued labor and waiting for things to take their natural course. The 7 promises good things for the future, but they continue to need tending. Relationships are slow and steady, and your effort should be the same this month. Don’t rush things, though your natural inclination is to seek out new and unconquered fronts. It almost seems to run contrary to your nature as an adventurer, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Well, perhaps that’s not the best example, as little remains of this empire today except entries in the history books and ruins of a once great city. But rest assured, your efforts are even less in vain than those of the last emperors of Rome. You can indeed build something lasting, but it’ll take time. And time is something you’ll have plenty of this month. Last month you saw slow change, and this month will be the same. But keep an eye out for how best to tend your garden- you’ll be seeing some rewards this month, and this can guide you where you need to direct your attention.

Decan 2: (March 31-April 9)

2 of Cups
From the Robin Wood Tarot

There’s a different emphasis for you as well this month, as the 2 of Cups indicates other people on board with your cause. The 2 takes on the context of further effort and greater support. You’re coming from a stable place and beginning to get noticed, and your enthusiasm is catching. But handle others with kid gloves this month, Aries. You may tend to be a little too straightforward and blunt. While you don’t need to be all sunshine and goodness, be diplomatic instead of forceful. Listen to other people, and see what they’re offering you. Does someone near you need convincing, or need to hear some words of encouragement? Be quick with a compliment, and be ready to acknowledge the contributions others make. Remember that you’re all on the same team, and don’t go all lone wolf and try to do things alone. Trust your own direction and remember your goals this month. You’re proceeding along the right track, so don’t forget what brought you to this path in the first place. Discouragement seems unlikely; this card is very much a two way street, and the support you give one day comes back to you the next. Not necessarily slow, but steady is the course to take this February. And again, remember that you can use words of encouragement as well. Others are ready to provide that, along with insight and helpful suggestions. Keep these people close by as you press forwards!

Decan 3: (April 10-April 19)


A lot has been done already, and the interesting thing about the Strength card is that here we don’t see the damsel in distress, as Julienne Givot once pointed out. No, she’s taking matters into her own hands- but patience is called for. She doesn’t just show up and open the proverbial can of whoop ass on the lion- rather, she uses patience and diligence to get to the lion, and work with him. But that lion too has a tremendous strength and power, and she must also acknowledge the lion’s nature. Building on the previous month’s Ace of Pentacles, your focus should be on following the course that’s been set in motion already. Take that single coin in the Ace of Pentacles and put it to work. Look around, and be very mindful of your environment. Know what you have to work with, and understand both where you’re headed and where you’re going. You’ve done a lot of the patient waiting for the lion to come to you, and now it’s time to spend some time sitting with the big beast and learning about him. Keep both eyes open, and your mind open as well. What does the lion mean to you, and how do the two of you fit together? Now is not the time to rush, or you may lose the ground you’ve already gained. But at the same time, don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. The shift here from an Ace to a Major Arcana card also points to powerful forces at work. Some of these you have set in motion yourself, and some are the result of events unfolding around you. Work with them, understand them, and you’ll find things are gaining momentum and speed as the month progresses.


Decan 1: (April 20-April 30)

10 of Swords

Ah, the 10 of Swords. Hardly a pleasant image, some might say. But don’t despair! The 10 may mark the end of the number sequence, but it’s also a new beginning. Your unshakable nature may be tested a bit this month, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Look rather for new directions coming from the old. Don’t look for discouragement here, but keep in mind this card falls in the suit of Swords, with its focus on thought and careful analysis. Now’s the time to take notes and analyze- what isn’t working, and what’s no longer serving you? This can guide you in a new and more productive route. As before, be flexible and work with the world around you. Direction and designs haven’t changed- don’t think the 10 is all about endings, but rather detours. Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, quoting the fictional Book of Bokonon, that changes in plans are dance steps from the universe. You’re not looking at disappointment this month, but rather an unfolding of a complex path. You tend to like things straightforward (hey, join the club) but when you take a step back and look at what’s going on, you may find things you hadn’t seen before that lead you in new directions! The detours you may take are valuable in their own right, and experience can really help you this month. Where you find yourself may not be where you had originally planned out, but you’ll be much richer for the experience, and you’ll still be chugging right along. Strike a balance between rolling with the changes and sticking to your original course. Does a detour mean you turn around and abandon the journey? No, you need to adapt, but stop and smell the flowers along the way, and see some new sights. They may help you later on.

Decan 2: (May 1-May 10)

5 of Pentacles
From the Hermetic Tarot

This card is often equated with trouble and stress, especially in your financial or material areas. But here we find a different emphasis. Your sign seems rife with changes and turmoil, but really the only way that can harm you is if you let it. Look instead at what it’s bringing you. The 5 tells of new opportunities, so don’t be so caught up in what’s changing and what you so much want to hold onto that you miss what could be. Do the people on this card find their way to the lighted window? That’s the promise of the 5 this month- think positive, and see what’s coming your way. In the suit of Pentacles we have a focus on manifestations and material aspects. What you see this month may not be what you expect, but that’s no reason to get too upset. Are you being challenged? Plow through it in your wonderful bull-ish fashion, but at the same time, watch where you’re going. Are there opportunities you might not see? Sometimes the simplest solution is right in front of you, and there’s often little that’s hidden or subtle in the suit of Pentacles- things are pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to monitor what’s coming up the road as you go along. This can be an unexpected blessing this month- don’t miss it!

Decan 3: (May 11-May 20)

The Magician
Imagery courtesy of Michael Janis

A new horizon is appearing for you this month, as the Magician tells us you’ve got what you need. The previous month’s 5 of Wands pointed to instability and rebalancing. That time of change has passed, and now it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of it. Your practicality and support of others is at the forefront this month, and your kind nature makes you very appealing. Others are drawn to you, perhaps at first with concerns or issues, but you’re able to address them well and offer good advice. Remember the fable of the mouse and the lion? The lion spares the mouse’s life, and the mouse in turn later helps the lion out of the hunter’s net he finds himself caught in. It’s a month of building relationships and seeing things come back around. You’ve paved the way and built relationships, even with those people you might have first considered trouble, and now it’s time to work with others. It’s your turn to accept help and support- don’t let others walk all over you, but don’t push them away either. The Magician points to a harmony among friends and family with you, and you’ll have the support you need. Things are settling down, and you may find you have friends in unexpected places. It’s a good month to reestablish connections to others- look up an old friend and say hello! They’ll be glad to hear from you. For your own part, you’ll be noticing things coming together around you. Use this to your advantage, and to the advantage of others, it’s a time for mutual benefit and mutual success. You’ll be getting noticed, and the limelight is an agreeable place for you to be this month.


Decan 1: (May 21- May 31)

Knight of Pentacles
Artwork by D. Hirajeta

There’s something of a double whammy in this month’s card for you- the previous month bore the 2 of Swords, and this month brings us the ever-practical Knight of Pentacles. The Knights are an indication of transition and movement. Here also we see in the suit of Pentacles the more practical, tangible changes that come with committing to a course. The Knight may move slowly, but that slowness comes not from indecision, but rather from deliberateness and careful weighing of options. Your time of weighing options is past, and now it’s time to move, with frequent consultations of the map. This map comes from the world around you- where are your opportunities cropping up, and where are your stepping stones? This month will be an interactive one, as your direction is not dictated by circumstance, but circumstance points you in the right direction and provides indications of where you should be. There’s a shift this month from the deliberation and consideration of January into a more definite path and definite action. Look for results, first in the short term and as time goes on, in the long term. You may not be there yet, but you’re getting there, and the month promises to be a productive one.

Decan 2 : (June 1-June 10)

7 of Cups

Cups remain the order of the day, or order of the month, for you this February. From the 3 of Cups previously, you now are faced with the decisions of the 7 of Cups. But don’t worry too much about this, as you have Mars prominent in your sign, and this flair for the dramatic very much manifests this month. But underneath that, what subtle directions are you getting? You may need to keep your intentions concealed, but that doesn’t mean get too caught up and stressed out. Find where you want to be and stick with that path, though there may be a lot of things seeming to come together to confuse you. The 7 promises first, that you have the right idea as to where you should be going. Very much in charge of your own life, you may be faced with decisions this month. The question is, what’s going on behind the scenes, both for yourself and others? You may well find yourself caught up in the excitement and drama of the moment as we head towards spring, and use that energy! There’s little chance of you steering yourself or others wrong if you rely on your talents and charisma- the things that have gotten you this far. It’s a month of change, sure, but you can handle this interesting and exciting time with aplomb. Get plenty of rest and examine your own motives this month- what do you really want? Sometimes there’s a difference between what you think you want, what you think others think you want, and what you really, deep down, actually want. Confused? Look to your own wants and needs, and make your decisions accordingly.

Decan 3: (June 11-June 20)

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a natural leader, though perhaps less forceful than her counterpart, the King of Wands. You’re ready to go this month, and it’s the time to use the carrot rather than the stick, despite both being at your disposal. Cooperation is your best bet this month, and others will fall in behind you. Are you finding yourself being in a supportive role? This too will be a prime opportunity to make use of that role to your own ends- not in a cynical, manipulative sense, but rather for the good of everyone. This month, it’s lead by example, and lead by supporting others. You’re calling the shots, and don’t be afraid to lend a guiding hand or word of advice where it’s needed. The Queens are ruled by the element of Water, and it’s that flexible, supportive Water that you should embrace. But unlike Water, you need only adapt so far. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down. Your own ends will be met this month, but be mindful of being too pushy and too demanding on other people, as this will drive others away. Avoid tunnel vision, and keep an eye on what’s going on in the lives of other people around you. Be sensitive and open, but keep that thick skin that often serves you well in the face of criticism. Though you should be firm, don’t take things too personally. Someone out in the forefront of the action is bound to take a little flack now and again. The cool thing about Water is that it’s flexible. Think of what happens when you throw a stone in a pond; the pond doesn’t take offense, or try to push the stone out. It goes around it, and as time goes on, that stone finally is ground down to dust by the incessant motion of the water. Be strong, and be flexible- Bruce Lee was fond of saying “Be water”, and this is very close to what he meant.


Decan 1 : (June 21-July 1)

Knight of Swords

Your suit stays the same this month, Cancer, and we’ve moved from a Queen to a Knight of Swords for you. The Knight of Swords is all about motion, and all about great ideas.       Last month was about finding your place and getting your bearings. Now, keep an eye out for your lightning bolt moment, and roll with it. But also looking back previously, keep yourself from going too nuts. Balance your enthusiasm and excitement with calm quiet time, something that can be missing in the Knight of Swords. You don’t seem to need much in the way of encouragement, as all that encouragement comes from your own mind and your own certainty. Good for you! Momentum carries you through this month, and your rallying cry comes from good ideas and self-assured enthusiasm. You’re on a mission, and you don’t need to stop to ask yourself why. Should this happen, and should you find doubts, don’t hesitate to talk to other people, or perhaps sit down and write it out in a journal or email to a close friend. The suit of Swords is all about communication, after all, and you can use that communication to shore up your own position and certainty instead of doubting yourself. If you do find yourself in that position, almost a stalemate as your mind weighs options and reaches no conclusions, you may want to keep pressing forwards, but at the same time look to other people who may offer you a word of advice. Your focus this month is on communication- not gaining support, but rather getting other people to see things as you do. Be able to articulate where your enthusiasm comes from, and be able to defend your ideas, even if it’s just to yourself.

Decan 2: (July 2-July 12)

Page of Pentacles
From the Robin Wood Tarot

With Mercury governing your sign, this month brings lots of communication as well as chances to succeed. The Page of Pentacles suggests opportunities, but also a need to stay focused and to work with what you’ve got. As is the case in many signs this month, you’re looking at further developments, and are not taking this month alone. Instead, it’s all about what’s come before, and what you’ve built up already. Last month was the 3 of Swords, suggesting a time of change. Now, it seems, things are lining up, and waiting for you to make use of them. Don’t be afraid to take some chances, especially where career is concerned. You’re operating with a safety net this month, so don’t worry about falling on your face. If you do, well, then you’ve got some more experimental data to work with and draw conclusions from. Your path doesn’t have a nice neat little ending this month, but remains open and flexible, highly adaptable to what you want to do. This month is about trying things out, and seeing what will work. If a piece doesn’t fit your puzzle, don’t throw it out- find out where it does fit. You can expect things to begin coming together for you, but this is just stage one- more to come in the months ahead, and you’re all ears and eyes, the eager scientist.

Decan 3: (July 13-July 22)

2 of Wands

Interestingly, your decan contains the twin stars, Castor and Pollux- often considered opposites, they were also inseparable. This month is about bringing those opposites together and finding a synthesis. Your previous month held the King of Swords, and now it looks like decision time with the 2 of Wands. What we often see in this card is a contemplative figure, considering two paths. Which one looks good? Which one is best? Well, the answer is very often the middle way. Take something from each side, and see what you can bring together. One account of Castor and Pollux has one slain, and the other, so inconsolable over the loss of his other half, offering his own life as ransom. So Jupiter decided that they could alternate- one on earth one day, the next day, the other. Much like this, alternate possibilities this month. Try things out, and see what works. Your sign is governed by the Moon, and so change and shifting emotions should be old hat to you. Each thing in its time is the focus this month, so it’s about finding a balance between the facets of your life. Don’t take too much on, in fact this month is a good time to fine-tune what you already have, and learn how to use what’s already in place. You’ll need to find a balance, and need to bring things together. This may seem like a tall order, but rest assured, it can be done. Your naturally mercurial nature can be a strength, as you can get behind anything you do 110%. As this month progresses, you’ll find that you can choose an outlet to devote all that energy to.


Decan 1 : (July 23-August 2)

3 of Cups

Friendships and romance are deepening for you this month, and your position remains secure. The 3 points to development and change, but don’t get nervous. Be open to others emotionally, and don’t distance yourself from friends and loved ones. You may tend to be a little overwhelming this month, so if someone almost seems to back away, don’t take it personally. A part of the 3, this gestalt card, is finding out how the parts work together. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and you’ll have plenty of support and love this month as you try to figure out how to get all these parts into a whole. The trend this month seems to be preparing for the future, and you have the same thing ahead of you here. Look at the 3 of Cups as a launching point more than anything else. It’s not a stable card, but a good card to see for change in a very positive direction. If you’re looking for a new romance, you may be in luck! If you’re settled in with your partner, you may find a renewed spark there. Whatever the case may be, you’re certainly not going it alone. It’s a good month to put aside raw ambition and focus on your relationship with others. They appreciate your good qualities, and your ambition and drive to be the best can inspire others. Be careful you don’t push them away, though. Last month was about building yourself up, and this month is about sharing that with others, with the result being a mutual benefit.

Decan 2: (August 3-August 12)

9 of Pentacles

Here we have a new focus from the previous month’s Temperance card. Last month was about bringing things together, and this month brings with it many of the results of that ground work. The suit of Pentacles is a practical and tangible one, and what we see here is you working things out and putting them to use. There’s also a bit of a reprieve here- you’ve done a good deal already, so now enjoy the benefits of your hard work. But though it’s an easy enough pace, there’s a need to keep an eye on things, and continue working towards your goals. Don’t get too ambitious, however. What you have in the 9 of Pentacles is a good balance between success and ambition. Other people are highlighted this month, and you should share success with them as well. Don’t hesitate to share your happiness with others, and they will only add to it. Look around you, and you’ll have an easy time seeing where things are starting to crop up for you. The seeds you’ve planted are beginning to break through the snow, and, going back to the idea of Imbolc, things are in the works all around you! Sit back and enjoy the show, but remember to weed the garden once in a while, and tend to those things that need tending. A young plant that receives care and attention grows to a big crop in the months to come.

Decan 3: (August 13-August 22)

9 of Cups

Your confidence seems to be paying off this month, Leo, as does your hard work. The 9 of Cups is, in some ways, a card of unexpected good fortune, the story behind it being that the innkeeper in the picture has set up everything and now, when the customers come rolling in, he’s ready to turn a profit and have a great time in the process. Take these two factors into consideration this month- you’re not so much looking at luck as you are the results of your own work already. But that’s no reason not to enjoy a prosperous month! Things are definitely looking up, and your position is secure. You’ve worked to be where you are, and you can relax for a while, perhaps taking a little R and R as needed. It’s a break in the action, and it’s a good time to enjoy the down time before getting back to work. And getting back to work is also important, as the 9 of Cups is not an ending point for you. Stick to what has worked so far- dedication and discipline and building up. You’re leading by example this month as well, and so far it’s been a productive track for you to be on. This will continue into February, and even your down time may have a productive side as well, bringing new inspiration, new connections and new ideas to areas that may need them.


Decan 1: (August 23-September 2)

4 of Cups

As the month progresses, you’ll see the previous month’s Knight of Swords continue to make his energy felt, and yet at the same time things are settling down for you. Look for a balance between these seeming opposites this month- on the one hand, the desire to press forwards, momentum pushing you onwards, and on the other hand, the 4 of Cups promising satisfaction and stillness. Your task this month is to discern where to direct each of these two energies- the settled, peaceful energy of the 4 and the dynamic, moving energy of the Knight. The 4 of Cups can also carry an element of dissatisfaction in it, and this month, that will not be something to run from. That dissatisfaction can be a clue to what you may want to work on, though at the same time you’ll want to avoid progress just for the sake of motion, and just to avoid staying in the same place. You have certain areas coming to light this month. What are your own emotions telling you, and what’s being revealed? Don’t hold things in until you end up exploding, but rather use the emotional stability you have this month to take a balanced, careful look at the areas of your life you want to see change. The force behind this change still remains you yourself, and the Knight of Swords has brought you up to a certain point. So take a look around, and be thorough in any self-inventory or self-evaluation you undertake this month.

Decan 2: (September 3-September 12)

High Priestess

The High Priestess is a complex card- there are pieces of the puzzle all around, but unless you’re one of those people who can spend a minute looking at the pieces and suddenly throw the whole picture together, you’ll be looking at clues this month. This month has built on what’s come before as well. Take notice of the two columns in the background- seeming opposites are pieces to a greater whole, and the way forward lies in a middle ground. Things are settling down this month, and the Priestess is a fairly peaceful card. But at the same time, if you’re sitting at her feet, the topic of discussion will certainly be how to move forwards. The Priestess often speaks in riddles, kind of an oracle of Delphi; everything gets spelled out (there’s those pieces again!) and it isn’t until we get a glimpse at the whole picture that we see how they come together. But nonetheless, you can trust advice you get this month. She may let you fall on your face, but she won’t lead you astray. Listen to others, as the focus remains on relationships for you this month. As they change, end and deepen, more is revealed through other people. On the other hand, weigh things carefully. The opposite end of this is jumping at shadows- did you miss something important? Was that the sign you were waiting for? The High Priestess often acts as a gatekeeper, and will only show you what’s behind that curtain when you’re ready- not before. And no one can make that determination but you, so take your time, and keep your eyes and ears open. You’ve been in a position to be of great help to others, but this month others are coming into the picture to help you now- perhaps without even realizing it.

Decan 3: (September 13-September 22)

King of Swords

Swords again for you this month, but here we see the King of Swords. The previous month has brought with it change, and now it’s time to evaluate where the chips have fallen for you. It’s a month of stability- previously, with the 5 of Swords, we saw change and upheaval as well as endings. But now we have the King of Swords, and your own designs are at the forefront. The King of Swords is marked by intelligence and cunning- perhaps even manipulation, but his manipulation is not to exploit, but rather to create, like an engineer manipulates materials to create a finished product. But this knowledge applies on two fronts- both the external world, and the internal. And that internal world is very much your own mind. Don’t run yourself into the ground, and it’s a surprising take on this card, as the Kings are often considerably less flexible than their Queen counterparts, but the King of Swords knows how to analyze, how to dissect and pick apart, and that may come in handy for you this month. Be patient and set out goals for yourself. And remember that your role this month is to experiment, seeing what will work and what won’t. There’s a chance of running yourself ragged, especially in areas that may previously have frustrated you. Remember last month’s 5 of Swords, and that frustration may simply call for a fresh perspective. Your objectives and goals seem solid, but the task this month is to see how they will work and how to engineer a victory.


Decan 1: (September 23-October 3)

8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords can indicate trouble, but it’s time to crack open that famous Libra intellect. You’re up to this task, don’t worry. Notice that this card falls in the suit of Swords, very much Libra’s home suit. And the 8 of Swords can go one of two ways. It indicates a temporary balance, but can you really stay there forever? Take what you’ve learned so far, what last month’s High Priestess has shown you, and take a leap of faith. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, as the 8 can indicate a need for another viewpoint. You’ll find yourself stuck, perhaps trying to avoid some unpleasant (or seemingly so) confrontation or task ahead of you. But keep in mind, this card tells us a great deal of it is in your head. You’re continuing to move into new territory this month, and that can be somewhat intimidating for a naturally retiring and peaceful nature. But your insight can serve you well. This month is about using that penetrating insight and gentle nature. Don’t worry (though that’s like telling you not to breathe- worry is a part of your nature), but let that worry point you in the right direction. Get out of your own head this month, and look to other people, or at the least try to see things from their perspective. What has brought you up to this point? What strengths and decisions have worked so far? Nothing much changes on that front this month, so don’t change course. But at the same time, don’t become too stuck on where you are- sooner or later, you’ll need to either move or be moved. So take the initiative on this front, and don’t let circumstance dictate what you do.

Decan 2: (October 4-October 13)

2 of Pentacles

Interestingly, you have another 2 this month. The previous month brought the 2 of Cups, and that continued focus on partnerships and harmony continues into February, but with a different area of focus. Now it’s time to get your hands dirty- previously, you’ve laid the foundation. Now it’s time to get to work on tangible, concrete results. What do you want to build? You have the tools and resources, but you’ll need to show your hand this month. Be honest with others, and be honest with yourself. Are there any cracks in your foundation? Think of this month’s 2 of Pentacles as the mortar to fill them in. The balance in this card tells of looking to past and future, but once you’re set up and ready to go, your ingenious designs will stand firm. The focus this month is on setting things in motion. Look at longer term career development, schooling and opportunities. It’s a mistake to focus on the short term this month, as this will take care of itself to a large extent. Now’s the time to set your ships out on their voyages. You won’t see them the next day, but you should be cultivating a fine crew and planning your destinations. Now’s a good month to build up, and get your career going. Your foresight will serve you well this month, and though you have a continued focus on harmony with others, don’t let them dampen your enthusiasm. If you have to defend any ideas, do so- but stick to them. Other people may not see what you’re getting at, but if your planning is solid, you’ll have the opportunity to say “told you so”, and the people who doubted you will begin to see what you were saying in the first place. So grab your maps and charts, check the weather forecast, and let’s get cracking. Great things are over the horizon, so make sure you’re ready to roll when the winds are right.

Decan 3: (October 14-October 22)

Page of Swords

Following up on the previous month’s 9 of Cups, it’s time to take advice. Are you looking at a windfall, or some unexpected benefit? Wondering what to do with it? The Page of Swords tells us that it’s time to take advice from others, but at the same time think it through. The Page is a vigilant figure- cautious but not paranoid. The time to set your feet on a new path is coming this month, and you’re doing well to ask other people and watch for examples as well. The Page is all ears and eyes, eager to see, eager to explore and experiment, and this is your role this month. There’s another interesting side to this card as well- if you’re looking for an idealist, you won’t find one more idealistic than the Page and Knight of Swords. That direction you’re looking for can come from your own highest ideals as well- but as always, keep your eyes open. It’s easy to get drawn up into your own ideas, and lose touch with the way things really are this month. So strike a balance between your own pie-in-the-sky dreams (they may well be a lot less impossible than you think!) and what you have on hand in the world. The world needs dreamers and idealists as well as practical thinkers- can you take the best of both worlds and create something new?


Decan 1: (October 23-November 1)


This month is about momentum for you. Previously we saw the 6 of Swords setting things in motion, and now it’s time for that to come back to you. Justice points to rewards and consequences (the two are often one and the same) for what you’ve done previously. However, don’t look at Justice as a static card, but rather one where you can, in a manner of speaking, tip the balance. What feedback are you getting, and how are things panning out for you? The focus is very much on the future- the past is taking care of itself at present, and now it’s time to adjust your course. Throughout most of these readings, we’ve seen a focus on continued action, continued effort and working on longer term plans. And your own situation is no exception- Justice can bring a good deal of benefits to you this month, although this isn’t an end point, but rather a stop along a greater journey for you. But do take time to enjoy the benefits you have this month- reinvestment is the name of the game this month, though. The more you tip that balance, the greater the force will be in the direction you want. How do you tip this balance? It’s not so much physical, tangible resources as it is time and effort. Forge connections, set up channels and plans for the overflow to go into, and you’ll find you’re harnessing the things around you. This month is about following through as well- don’t simply sit back and let things take their course, but rather be straightforward. Share what’s going on with other people, and continue communicating with those close to you. Everyone seems to be on the same page, and heading in the same direction, so one way to tip that scale is to generate enthusiasm and to guide other people. Clarify your ends and purposes, and people will respond.

Decan 2: (November 2-November 11)

Ace of Wands

Your enthusiasm is catching like a cold this month. It’s interesting to see this Ace popping up for you a great deal as of late, as December brought us the same card, and last month brought with it the Page of Cups. So what are we to gather from this? The Ace is taking on the symbolism of a scepter this month. You’re running the show, and you’re calling the shots. Think of last month as a training period, and now you’re ready to step out on your own. Have you found your teacher? Perhaps that teacher is yourself, as last month had a focus on studiousness and learning. But now’s the time to put that learning into action. As with many other cards this month, you’re looking at longer-term developments here. The Ace of Wands, being in the Fire suit, promises quick results, true. But these are only the beginning! There’s more to come, so don’t expect to build an empire overnight. In fact, those empires that do spring up that quickly tend to die off just as fast. So your month is taking what you’ve learned in your role as the Page and putting it into action. You may find yourself saying “Back to the drawing board!” this month, but before you can proceed, you need to find a direction for all that raw energy to go. The Aces are often unformed, and need to be developed and directed. But you have the skills and experience to do this. I’m reminded of the Page’s Water nature- what has seemed like a good idea in the past, and what have you held off on starting? Now might be a good time to dust off some of those ideas, as the time is right to get started on them. You’ve spent your time learning, now it’s time to start doing. Trust yourself this month- your learning has not been in vain.

Decan 3: (November 12-November 22)

4 of Pentacles
From the Salem Arcanum Tarot

In this month, things are looking pretty solid- the 4 of Pentacles is a card of foundation and balance, and in many ways represents a continuation of the Justice card the previous month. The 4 provides a sense of foundation, true enough, and here we see the results of where you’ve been and what you’ve set in motion. This decan is a good communicator, and a generally peaceful one- look to others for support and consensus, as these are highlighted this month for you. But the 4 can also be a jumping off point, so you too have two tasks this month- one of them being enjoy the break in the action, get settled and get everything ready to go. The suit of Pentacles here brings with it financial and material stability, and also a way forwards. There’s an emphasis on Earth, and this is both a supportive and shapeable suit- now’s a good time to plan ahead, as this foundation can grow. Think of Earth also as fertile ground- what you plant now and set in motion will bear fruit as the spring and summer approach. Don’t be impatient, and don’t expect too much too fast, however- this will take time, but you have a good start, and when we see Pentacles, we know that there’s little hidden or subtle. People of the Pentacles/Earth persuasion often “don’t get it”, and may not be great with subtlety, and this we see as well here- it’s all spelled out, and if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and talks like a duck, well, there you go, it’s a duck. Does it seem like a good plan this month? Then it is indeed a good plan!


Decan 1: (November 23-December 2)

King of Cups

This month brings a new direction in the King of Cups, and so it’s time to look to other people. Like many of the other decans, we see a chance to build up the future. The previous month’s Page of Swords It’s almost like the decisions have been made for you, and any prevarication and doubt from the previous month are now being resolved. The King of Cups is an indication of an advantageous position this month, but has something of a unique focus- the King’s guiding light is other people, be they family or loved ones. Look to these others for direction and opportunities to help. This help isn’t simple altruism, but rather is a mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re out there looking for a new romance, this may be your month, as an old acquaintance may be coming back into your life. If you are going it alone, trust your own intuition. The King of Cups is sometimes depicted in a priestly role, following the Divine wherever it may lead him or her. This month is about transition to a new direction, and finding the light in the darkness. This figures, since your ruling planet is communicative, active Mercury. Look to the warmer days and get outside, commune with nature, or perhaps more importantly, commune with your own higher self, as that’s where, ultimately, your direction comes from. The guidance and direction you seek will come to you this month, but of course the action part of it is up to you. The King is not a wholly passive figure, and you may well need to meet that inner light halfway. But act with confidence and self-assurance this month, as you can lead others as well as take direction.

Decan 2: (December 3-December 12)

9 of Swords

Your path seems pretty consistent this month, and the focus remains on the suit of Swords. However, you seem to be taking on more of a receptive role this month, as the 9 of Swords points to insight and understanding. Last month brought with it the Ace of Swords, and a burst of energy and ideas- now’s the time to look around you and see where these ideas are leading you. While still very much a mental, thinking and logical card, the 9 points to uncovering new ideas. Your ruling planet is the Moon, and the Moon tends to reveal things over time. It’s not a great month to keep charging forwards, but rather to take a moment here and there and see which way the wind blows for you. But this can be useful too- the basis of Swords is clarifying movement and direction, and when you have inspiration and ideas, you can begin to put them into motion. Give it time seems to be the order of the month, and this holds true for you as well. It’s a chance to settle down as well, as the 9, while not a card of completion, indicates a period of stability. Learn from others this month, and take direction. You may be still in the planning phase, but planning and observing now can save you trouble later down the line. The emphasis on the 9 this month is really bringing the details and nuances of action into focus. Do this, and you’ll be well prepared to put your plans into action, and to tackle the months ahead with all your ducks in a row, and no worries. Be prepared, and the unexpected will be well in hand when it comes.

Decan 3: (December 13-December 22)

8 of Cups

This seems right up your alley, as Sagittarians are notoriously intuitive, and the 8 of Cups is a card that proves your intuition spot on this month. Your month will be a very self-focused one, and you may find yourself alone in the decisions you make. Throughout the decans, it’s been a focus on things building up, and your month has the need to make some changes. Last month brought you the 2 of Pentacles, and the trend across these two months is exchange. The 2 of Pentacles brought with it a new set of obligations and tasks, and perhaps even new people coming on the scene. Now it’s getting down to the wire, and that decision you made last month is coming back, not to haunt you, but rather to prompt you to action. Do you feel like you need to cut some connections, or redirect your energy towards a specific person or relationship? Now’s the time to do that. If you’re meeting with doubt from others, trust yourself on this one. Other people may not be seeing what you see, and that’s ok. Don’t try to keep everyone happy, and if you find yourself having difficulty explaining exactly why, just do it anyway. That may sound extreme, but your own intuition is where it needs to be this month, and just because you can’t make other people see it, they will respect your convictions and will trust you to do the right thing. And that right thing is very much up to you. The people in your life are willing to trust your judgment, and will stand by you in this as well. In time, things will be revealed that proved you right, but even if it’s not clear to others at the moment, if it’s clear to you, then that’s all that’s needed.


Decan 1: (December 23-December 31)

6 of Pentacles

Following up on the Death card from the previous month, things are balancing out. January may have been a little rough, and brought with it some drastic changes, but now they’re starting to bear fruit, and things are starting to come together. The 6 of Pentacles brings with it balance, and you’ll have what you need to do any necessary recovering from January. Anything missing will be provided, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that your own actions and your own efforts have brought this whole thing about. The suit of Pentacles brings with it tangible results as well. Keep an eye out for career opportunities or financial gains. And remember that were it not for the changes and actions that have preceded it, none of this would be possible. The storm has passed, and now it’s time to get the pieces together. The 6 is not a permanent balance either- there’s more to come this month and in the months to follow! But any troublesome aspects to the Death card have pretty much run their course at this point, and you’ve weathered the storm. This steadfastness will likewise get noticed by others, and will provide its own set of benefits. Don’t give up this month, and keep at it. The 6 of Pentacles is a slow-moving card, but once it gains momentum, it’s hard to stop. You’re on the right track, so now’s the time to go with the proverbial flow; things will start to change, and will get easier as February progresses.

Decan 2: (January 1- January 10)

The Empress
From the Gilded Tarot

Here comes the healing, Capricorn! The Empress is all about healing and support, and you’re finding yourself a good match to that raw energy. The Empress has with it a danger in some cases of over-expansion; think of an over-fed plant, which can grow so fast and so big that it can no longer hold itself up. The answer to this is that this needs structure, and the previous month has brought that knowledge. Back in January we were faced with the 8 of Swords, indicating a need to press through obstacles. Well, the experience has not been in vain. It may have been tough, and perhaps a couple of those swords we see in the 8 left a mark or two. The Empress indicates a time of healing any wounds of the past, and a nurturing environment. But the Empress does not discriminate, and needs direction and a channel for this raw energy. Your role this month is to put that energy towards its most productive ends. There isn’t a big focus on new directions this month, but rather moving along an existing and established path. The upside of this is that the past has brought experience and wisdom, and there seems little chance of going astray. You may tend to set high standards for yourself, and this can complicate things- have a clear sense of how you want to use the bounty the Empress promises, and don’t rush into things. Your desire for greatness can be reached, but it does require planning and introspection on your part. Do that, and you’ll be much closer to where you want to be, as the Empress represents, for all intents and purposes, a bottomless reserve of energy. Just be sure to put it to the best possible uses!

Decan 3: (January 11-January 19)

10 of Cups

Another 10 for you this month, this time cropping up in the suit of Cups. Last month was about enjoying material success, and this month the focus turns to emotional factors and spiritual factors. The guidance you receive this month is from a stable, happy place, and points you to further levels of success. There’s a continued indication of not too darn much to worry about, and there’s a focus on your popularity and connection to other people. Being popular may not be the end you’re looking for, but it can be used to form some deeper, meaningful connections with others. Relationships are very much highlighted, and though there’s not much in terms of forward movement, you’re getting ready for your next great quest, and recruiting others to go with you. Don’t fear sounding crazy, and don’t think other people are out of your league. You are where you are for a reason, and you shouldn’t think too little of your own abilities, or what you can offer others. Great things are yet to come, but now it’s time to forge and deepen connections with others. Look for other people of a like mind, or people of a common faith or experience, as you tend to relate best to them. A great deal may go unsaid this month, but everyone is on the same page with you, whether they come out and say it or not.


Decan 1: (January 20-January 29)

5 of Swords

This is an interesting focus this month, following January’s 8 of Cups. It seems you’re continuing to refine the process, and experimentation is your focus this month. The 5 of Swords brings to mind a scientist, laboring away at some project. Are you looking at failure this month? Not as such, even if it doesn’t work out. The value of the 5 of Swords is not in defeat, but rather in what dead ends can point us to. It seems your journey is continuing on, and the start you’ve made the previous month now is starting to overflow into other areas of life. The 5 is about cutting connections, but those connections are no longer serving any purpose. It may be a little early to think about spring cleaning, but that’s what you should be doing this February. Keep in mind that the 5 is not a stable card, and this works to your advantage- what you release and let go of this month actually opens up new ways for you. This is the “close a door, open a window” card for you this month. Things tend towards balance, and though you may not see it immediately, it’s in the works for you. The things you set in motion with the 8 of Cups are now moving into their next phase- don’t be worried, and especially avoid losing heart. Your ability to see the bright side in every situation is useful this month- always look for the advantage, which is indeed just behind the surface of things this month. Stay with your ideas, and see how they are developing. This development will lead you to further opportunities as time goes on- your ability to find the advantage is a useful one this month.

Decan 2: (January 30- February 8)

Knight of Wands
From the Samurai Tarot

You’re finding the way ahead fairly easy, as we move from the Ace of Wands to the Knight of Wands. The Knight is all about action, all about movement, and all about getting it done. If anything, you’re moving faster now, and while this pace can seem comfortable to you, avoid overshooting any marks you may be trying to hit. If anything, there’s too much enthusiasm and too much energy for you this month. Don’t forget to slow down, and don’t forget to occasionally stop and find your bearings, as the continued smooth sailing can mean you miss what you’re aiming for. You need to keep at least one foot firmly on the ground, even with your head in the clouds. Your idealism is more often than not a boon rather than a liability this month, but don’t get too swept up in chasing your windmills when there are giants waiting for you to get to the battle. And don’t worry about that battle either- you’ve got what you need to succeed, it’s just a question of applying yourself to the task. Likewise, not every last thing you encounter needs all of your energy- you don’t need to swat flies with a sledgehammer, so be sure to choose your battles this month; is what you’re doing in line with where you want to be down the line?

Decan 3: (February 9-February 18)

The World
From the Tarot of Dreams

With the World, we see a new start for you this month. Tie up loose ends wherever you may find them, and take it easy. The World is the last card in the sequence of Major Arcana cards, and now things have really come full circle for you. Expect a month of stability, and at the same time look forwards to the future. Things are wide open for you, and one of the symbols we see in the World is that of the four elements of the suit cards, here at your disposal. Many depictions also have the figure carrying a wand similar to the Magician’s, and the emphasis here is the same- you have a great deal at your disposal, and the will to use it is up to you. The upside here is also the experience that the World indicates- whereas we have similar symbolism in the Magician, the World is now tempered with experience. The Magician may rely more on trial and error, but the World has with it a sense of experience, having been there and done that. This month is one of peace and fullness, so enjoy the time and enjoy what you’ve built up before embarking on a new journey. You may find yourself in a healing and supportive role for others as well, so don’t hesitate to dispense advice and guidance where it’s requested or needed, or where you can be of the greatest use. Are you looking for a new relationship, or is there a potential partner that keeps appearing? This is the month to act on it, as you’re in a stable position and able to articulate what you want and need, and to help others find what they need as well.


Decan 1: (February 19-February 29)

5 of Cups

This card also follows up on January’s 10 of Swords, and indicates a time of emotional and spiritual growth. Though the 10 may have brought about change, and perhaps that change booted you out of your comfort zone, but now it’s time not to focus on how you’re outside that comfort zone, but rather on what has been freed up, and what you can expand into the now-open spaces you have. Left with the essentials and room to expand, what will you do with this opportunity? You’re no longer the greenhorn you once were, and now it’s time to embrace what you love. Work is still required, and as before you don’t get handed the keys to the kingdom just yet, but when you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, as the saying goes. You can follow your happiness this month, and find what makes you happy. This may be more important than you think, as this happiness and joy can point you in the right direction. Look for two things to guide you this month: First, is it something you love, something you find beautiful and very much appealing to your aesthetic sense? Second, is it a good opportunity for you, without too much struggle or too many hoops to jump through? If so, it’s a good direction for you. You’re learning to use your strengths more and more this month, and it’s an expansive, growing month. As time goes on, take stock of what’s around you, and you’ll find the direction and new purpose you’ve been looking for.

Decan 2: (March 1-March 10)

8 of Wands

There’s a distinct evolution between the Strength card we saw in January and the 8 of Wands this month. Previously, you may have been kind of rolling along, taking what was given, and generally enjoying the path you’ve been on. Now, it’s time to take a more active role. You are acting as a distillery, refining the energy around you, and turning it into your own. Now the training wheels are being taken off, and you’re rolling on your own. But the path seems clear ahead of you, with few obstacles. Anything you meet will likely be overcome by your enthusiasm, and your energy is contagious this month as we move into March. This month is all about you, and all about what you can do with what you have on hand. It’s a good month to shine, and to attract positive people to you. You’ll find the other people in your life are supportive, and you can stick to your idealism without compromise. That’s not always an easy thing to do, but fortunately this month you’re able to pull it off with style. Keep in mind as well that the 8 of Wands is a transitive card. Things are looking up for you, and action is smooth and easy this month. If there’s anything to look out for, it’s getting too cocky and sure of yourself. Though things are rolling right along, don’t forget to check in with yourself now and again- how are you feeling? Is there anything you’re sweeping under the rug because you don’t want to deal with it? The momentum and energy you have this month can also be used to patch up these weak spots, and it’s better to do so now. There’s an old joke about a leaky roof and why it doesn’t get fixed: “Well, right now it’s raining too hard, and when the sun’s shining, the roof doesn’t leak!” You are often an optimist, but don’t let optimism be blind. Fixing your roof now can save you trouble down the line.

Decan 3: (March 11-March 20)

6 of Cups

It’s a good month all around, with an emphasis on connections. What with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s a temptation to equate this card with relationships, and that’s true. Look to those people close to you for a deepening level of communication and mutual support, but you can tend to be swept up in whatever crazy idea you come up with. The 6 is not a card that appears out of nowhere, but has with it a sense of establishment- great things are to come, but we must not forget where we came from. Building and expanding on January’s 10 of Cups, the connections you’ve made and the things you’ve started to undertake are now leading you onwards. Often the two figures in this card are in transition- this moment won’t last forever, but they’ll look back on it with fond memories, and these fond memories can offer inspiration for the future. Look for clarification of your goals and effort this month, and you’ll find you’re in a good position to move on. Others can support you in your dreams and efforts, but can also serve to clarify what you’re doing and to bring some of those hazy areas into focus. Listen to others, as you may tend to be a little too “big picture” this month. Other people can fill in the details and provide you with the things you might be missing, and prevent you from charging off half-cocked. Trust others and listen to them, and you’ll be doing a great deal better than you might otherwise do if you rely on yourself alone. The positive side of this is that you’re looking at further adventures down the road. Sometimes you need to chase that horizon, and even if you don’t get there the next day, you’re still farther along. There’s a sense of continuing your great work, your magnum opus, as it were. Other people can keep you focused as well this month, and moving towards the same goal.

That about wraps it up for February, and though it’s a cold, short month, it’s just that- a short month. Look to the future, and don’t abandon your highest ideals, as they can act as a navigational aid, providing direction and clarification for you. Trust yourself, strap on your armor and ride off into the sunset! Battles are yet to be won, and the crown yet to be claimed. What is your crown this month? What’s preventing you from claiming it? Never let anything prevent you from trying- the results may surprise you!

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