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December Tarotscopes

December Tarotscopes
It’s the end of the year, so what will the last month of 2015 hold for you? As previously, these Tarotscopes are done by decans. Decans are obtained by dividing the whole 360 degrees of sky into 10 degree increments. Each Zodiac sign (there are 12) has three decans. Like the Zodiac signs themselves, the decans are calculated by date. So find your birth date, track down your Sun sign (generally what you use for your horoscope) and away we go!

Decan 1 (March 21- March 30)
Page of Wands
From the Druidcraft Tarot

With ruling Mars in your sign, this month will be one where you’ll relish conflicts and debate. Don’t be afraid to make yourself heard this month, but avoid being too immature. Choose your battles wisely this month, as not every challenge deserves an answer. The fire and earth combination of the Page of Wands means you’ll need to direct your energy towards productive ends, and may have to let some slights go. Don’t let that fiery nature get the best of you. Better to see slow change in your life than rapid changes you may regret later. Take things slow and have a clearly defined plan of action. This month, don’t be afraid to run (seemingly) contrary to your nature. Go slow and especially be slow to anger. This will allow you to make sound decisions and to make the most use out of what comes your way this month.
Decan 2 (March 31-April 9)
The Lovers

A new partnership has begun to pay off,  and things are coming together nicely for you this month. Moving on from the previous month, you’re now in a position to take advantage of what you’ve made for yourself. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks, and look to others for assistance as well. The Lovers points to a favorable business environment, and the same for relationships. The question is, what direction do you want to take things? It seems there’s a lot there for you to work with, but ultimately the decision of where to go and what to use that for is up to you. In many ways the Lovers card represents a culmination of this year. You’ve made connections and a natural ability to lead and work with others has earned you some valuable contacts, both professionally and socially. Make use of them! But remember, your best bet is always power with- not power over others.
Decan 3 (April 10- April 19)
The Hierophant
From the Alchemical Tarot

Feeling a little stuck, or losing steam this month? Don’t worry, help is around the corner. While you may be tempted to keep on going, don’t let pride lead to frustration. Ask for help, and you shall receive. The Hierophant tells us that there may be a need to talk to someone. Business and career areas may be somewhat slower than before, but this too can be turned to your advantage. Work on your sales pitch, hone your skills, and learn from others more experienced than yourself. It’s a good time to start making resolutions for the new year. Not pie in the sky, impossible to live up to resolutions, but practical and attainable ones. This month is about consultation and working with other people. Use the break in the action to plan for next month. Look to any issues standing in your way, and work through them- there won’t be much in the way, and time will be readily available for you to focus on yourself.
Feeling a little stuck, or losing steam this month? Don’t worry, help is around the corner. While you may be tempted to keep on going, don’t let pride lead to frustration. Ask for help, and you shall receive. The Hierophant tells us that there may be a need to talk to someone. Business and career areas may be somewhat slower than before, but this too can be turned to your advantage. Work on your sales pitch, hone your skills, and learn from others more experienced than yourself. It’s a good time to start making resolutions for the new year. Not pie in the sky, impossible to live up to resolutions, but practical and attainable ones. This month is about consultation and working with other people. Use the break in the action to plan for next month. Look to any issues standing in your way, and work through them- there won’t be much in the way, and time will be readily available for you to focus on yourself.
Decan 1 (April 20-April 30)
The Chariot

It’s your month to take the driver’s seat, so drive hard and drive well. Frank Tyger once said “A driving ambition is of little use if you’re on the wrong road.” So check your directions this month. It seems you’re heading in the right direction, and are able to pull everything together behind you. With Venus as your ruling sign, you can trust your judgment on this. You’ll find it easy to stick to your path this month, and can meet any resistance or struggle that comes your way by standing fast. Let the things you can’t control take care of themselves- they are less important than the big picture this month, and more than anything else, your task is to stay focused on that big picture. Other people may come to you for advice this month, and the answers you give can be beneficial to all. Keep your destination in mind, especially seeing as others may get distracted. It’s up to you to be the  navigator and leader. You know where you’re going- show everyone else the way if you need to, but more than that don’t lose track of it yourself.
Decan 2: (May 1-May 20)
Page of Pentacles
Tip o' the Horse to Erin Morgenstern for
this image from the Phantomwise Tarot

Ever practical, you’re facing both an opportunity and a challenge this month. The Page of Pentacles means you’ll have no trouble communicating ideas and getting other people on board with your plans. As usual, they’re pretty solid, reliable and workable. But the challenge here is in choosing which route you want to take. How do you put your resources to the greatest use? Ideas and requests for your special brand of practical insight and assistance are coming hot and heavy this month, so don’t be afraid to say no. And don’t be led along by others- remember, all that glitters is not gold. Take your time, be patient and methodical, and examine what’s presented to you. Are you finding one person to be too good to be true? This might well be the case. Trust your analysis of the situation, and find out what’s really going on. Don’t get paranoid, however. Things are supportive for you this month, and most of the people you encounter are there to listen and help you along, and help you make a dream a reality.

Decan 3: (May 11-May 20)
6 of Pentacles

A good steady month of gradual progress is an environment a Taurus can work well in, and it looks like this will be a good month for you.  The 6 of Pentacles promises steady returns on your work,  so now is the time to put forth a solid effort on new projects, or to continue to build up existing ideas. Keep an eye on things you may have thought were a dead end, or not panning out. This is a good month to clean out your workspace and dig up some old projects that had been on a back burner. Your energy can be well used this month reviving old dreams and old ideas. Sometimes the time just isn’t right for an idea. But that doesn’t mean give up. Now’s a good month to look to those old ideas. Just because the timing isn’t right doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea. Yes, the past tense there isn’t a mistake. What ideas are you tossing around , or what ideas have you shelved as impractical? Take a second look at them, as you may find the resources and support you need to realize them.
Decan 1: (May 21-May 31)
Queen of Cups
Also from the Druidcraft Tarot

Things may seem a little overwhelming for you this month. Naturally given to idealism, your best bet this month is to look to yourself, and take time to get your mind together. No need for speed this month, stay steady and avoid too much daydreaming, as you’ll have the leisure to plan ahead, or to waste time with your head in the clouds. True, this is where a lot of your great ideas come from, but just make sure you’re not running away from any responsibilities or things you just flat out don’t want to deal with. Your challenge this month is to get out and interact with others, not based on how you want them to be or how they appear to you, but where they really are. People are complex and confusing, and seeing them in terms solely of black and white can lead to disappointment. But getting down on their level can give you a much deeper and more effective level of understanding. Don’t be afraid to actively seek out your balance- if it gets too much for you, put your foot down and say no mas. The world will get on without you until you’re ready to get back in the game.
Decan 2: (June 1-June 10)
2 of Wands

December is your month to get down and get busy with the 2 of Wands coming up for you. You’ll be facing some important decisions this month, Gemini. Don’t shy away, and don’t be afraid of them. Be fearless, as you often are. But much like your neighbor, don’t burn yourself out- your danger is in throwing caution to the wind and letting wild passion and enthusiasm lead you into trouble. Don’t be too overly aggressive, but rather patient and thinking. The 2 of Wands promises a great deal down either path you choose, and both look appealing. But think carefully, and think about the future. You’re not indestructible,  though you have an uncanny ability to land on your feet this month. When you commit to a decision, commit to it with everything you’ve got. You can do this because it’s not a decision you arrived at lightly or frivolously. Don’t let passion rule the choices you make, but rather let your passion be guided by reason.  Do that, and the road ahead looks bright and clear!
Decan 3: (June 11- June 20)

Goals and progress go hand in hand this month for you. The goal is not to be the brightest star in the firmament- it’s to make real progress, even if that means just putting your nose to the grindstone and pressing on. Look for feedback- not the kind of trumpeted from the rooftops feedback that gets you noticed, but from what you’re doing. Another name for the Temperance card is Art, as we see in the Crowley-Thoth deck. Art is composed of skill and creativity, and these two are your watchwords this month. Use your skills, certainly. But use them in a way that you can invest your passion and make them uniquely your own. This may not be a month to get noticed, at least not publicly. But you’ll be getting feedback from more subtle sources, and that’s what to keep an eye out for. Work with your environment,  rather than trying to dominate it. Ruling over your kingdom will come in time- but first, establish your throne. It’s a month to be self-confident. Don’t forget that other side of the equation- skills. Work hard and use those skills, and you’ll begin to see how your own signature appears on what you build and create.

Decan 1: (June 21-July 1)

Loyalty is important this month, and is never in short supply for you. Dedicated and loyal, you tend to win arguments by sheer force of personality rather than logic, and hate admitting you’re wrong. The Justice card calls on your loyalty rather than your desire to be right. Listen to others, and look for support where you need it. Your strength and weakness this month is hard-headedness and pride. It can carry you far, but just make sure you’re in the right. Relationships are highlighted, and looking to others to balance you out and correct you when you’re drifting too far into your own opinions will really help. On the plus side, relationships are highlighted. Are you looking for a new love? You’re in a good position to stand out, and that special someone is definitely taking notice of you. Do you have that special someone already? This is a good month to remind them how important they are to you. Of course you know that, and of course you know that they’re the center of your world. But why not show them? A romantic gesture means a lot, and can strengthen an already solid relationship. Or it can start a new one! The things you put out there are what comes back to you. While it’s true, none of us are all sunshine and kittens all the time, it’s a good month to put on your best face- don’t be fake, just let others know how you really feel. Be honest, and you’ll be surprised at the results!
Decan 2 (July 2-July 12)
2 of Cups
from the Tarot Genoves

Relationships are also at the forefront for you this month, and changes in them are on the horizon. This can be an ending, or a beginning. Look at what brought you together in the first place. Cancer is marked by loyalty throughout the decans, and yours is no exception. It’s a good month to examine your current situation. Changes are inevitable this month, and you’ll find you’re being pushed in certain directions. But as usual, you’re not a puppet on a string. You can make the most of these changes, and influence the way events unfold. If a relationship comes to an end this month, it’s the old close a door, open a window type of situation. Don’t let yourself be forced into changes, and don’t play the victim. Instead, take charge. Who is coming into your life this month? Watch for new contacts, it’s a great time to meet new people and network, and this will carry you into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and especially optimism.
Decan 3: (July 13-July 22)
Ace of Cups

To quote from Henry David Thoreau, simplify, simplify! The Ace of Cups brings good things to you this month, but stay steady. Don’t let your impulsive nature overwhelm you, and don’t over-commit this month. The Aces are noted for being very malleable- the raw materials or bricks you can use to build whatever you want with them. The Ace of Cups more specifically promises good fortune this month, but don’t squander it. True, you seem to have the magic touch this month, but too much of anything can rapidly turn to trouble. Avoid excess this month, and instead focus on building simpler but deeper experiences. The Ace is something of a dazzling card, and you may be tempted to hitch your wagon to this star. Look for opportunities in your career, but make sure before you go running off on your grand quest, you didn’t leave the oven on. The Ace is a card to embrace, definitely, and you should be excited about what comes your way this month. Keep it in perspective, though, and make it lasting and sustainable. The way to do this is to plan ahead. Do that, and you’re all set this month, as this is a positive sign and a good end to the year for you.
Decan 1: (July 23- August 2)

You’re faced with a decision this month, and Death can be an extremely dynamic (and helpful) card in the deck. With Saturn taking a prominent position in your chart, you may feel like you need to hold on to the power you’ve earned and need to hold on to your position in life. Now is not the month for hard-headedness, however. Death brings  with it some unknown factors, but don’t be afraid of them. It’s been a long time coming, and things have been building up to guide you in a certain direction for a while now. Your previous month held the Ace of Wands, indicating a time for you to set things in motion. Now that the process has begun, Death advises not to shy away- don’t be afraid, as things are set in motion. You can’t control every last eventuality, and Death brings about a cycle of change that ultimately leads to new growth and development. A good deal of this month will be a process of simply letting go. Your ability to control a situation will take a back seat to your control over yourself. What you can let go of, you truly own. Don’t hesitate to let go of what’s fading from you. The real question is, what’s coming to fill that void?
Decan 2 (August 3-August 12)
5 of Cups
From the Alice Tarot- I just liked the artwork

Things slow down a bit for you this month in the second decan. The 5 of Cups tells of restructuring more than loss or difficulty.  Life has been rolling along, and now beware of the monkey wrench in the works. It’s not as serious as it first seems, and can actually help you in some ways, as it will prevent you from getting too complacent. A part of you longs for a challenge, and it’s a challenge you can win this month. Often when things shift like this, it creates space for something new. And that’s what to focus on this month- you’re not looking at any great new surge of energy, or any tremendous discovery. But you do have an opportunity to fine tune the path you’re on, and to lose some dead weight.  As in the previous decan, change is inevitable. Here, it’s neither good nor bad, but rather up to you. Now’s the time to play mad scientist- what can you build, and what previously unknown creation can you breathe life into?
Decan 3 (August 13-August 22)
6 of Wands

A victory this month, and victory is what you revel in, isn’t it? Having made it through the challenges of November, you close out the year on a high note. The 6 of Wands is indeed a card of victory. But here too is a call for a balanced approach. Don’t let ego rule the day, and try not to lord it over other people. Remember, no man is an island, least of all you. So be gracious in victory, and use that victory to plan ahead. You’re a natural leader, and the battle may not be over just yet. But the past few months have shown tremendous gain for you, and it seems campaigns are becoming successful. Now’s not the time to sit back and rest on your laurels, but neither is it the time to be overly cautious. Not everyone is after your throne, and traitors are not lurking behind every pillar. Take some time to congratulate yourself this month. But be sure to invite friends and allies to the victory feast as well.  The 6 is in many ways a transitive card. Benefits are certainly accruing, but you can continue to transform this into real, tangible results.
Decan 1 (August 23-September 2)
Knight of Pentacles

Time to get cracking, Virgo! The Knight of Pentacles has a practical, methodical cast to it, and so should you this month. The time for planning and deliberating is over, and it’s time to get rolling. You’ll find that there is a lot to keep you busy, and these projects will occupy your mind and time. Having settled on a course, stick to it and follow it through. Though results may not be immediate, don’t get discouraged. You’re building something durable, lasting and in line with your own far-reaching vision for the future. It’s clichéd, true. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. And what you’re working for is a bit more durable than the Empire. Knowledge and insight are close at hand this month, so feel free to take advantage of them. Perhaps most importantly, work hard this month. It’s a question of putting in the long hours. There aren’t any shortcuts to greatness. But each step of the way is an experience in itself, and you’ll find it easy to embrace these as well as you move towards your goal. Keep on truckin, Virgo!
Decan 2 (September 3-September 12)
Ace of Swords

Having come through the previous month, it’s a new start, with new ideas. Communication takes a prominent role in your life this month, and ideas are churning and bubbling. There’s no need to put the needs of the many ahead of the needs of you this month. Don’t play the martyr- although self-sacrifice and care for others is an admirable trait, you can be more effective focusing on your own ideas and your own designs this month. The people in your life can provide those ideas and insights to get you up and started on a new path. But the work and the effort are ultimately yours. There may be longer term benefits to starting now. Remember, it’s never too late to change. Don’t let the sometimes dreary winter months get you down. Instead, look for something to take your mind off the gray days and cold, until the Sun once again comes back. Remember the story of Hades and Persephone? Spring always comes back. Now’s a good time to get ready for the first planting, though it’s still in the future.
Decan 3 (September 13-September 22)
Knight of Swords

Having come through some changes, the Knight of Swords calls for balance- excitement, enthusiasm and a desire to move forwards are with you this month. But the Knight of Swords has a fanatical side too, and this nervous, passionate energy can exhaust you. Have you found the Next! Big! Idea! for yourself or others? Good. Hang on to it. But before you go selling the house and setting up shop, keep an eye to practical matters. Your energy and enthusiasm are virtually boundless this month, and you’ll certainly find yourself in your element. Dreary winter months? Not for you, you’re too busy getting wrapped up in your own ideas, caught up in grand ideas and grander designs. The world needs dreamers and doers like you- just remember that you can be of greater benefit to everyone with a good night’s sleep and a fresh mind. People who love you and care about you are there- don’t push them away, and be sure to listen to their advice. Keep one ear to them, and another to that siren song that drives you ever onwards.
Decan 1 (September 23-October 3)
7 of Cups

This month is all about balance and harmony, and you’re taking an active role in creating it. Ruled by Venus, you may wish to avoid conflict and arguing. Interestingly, the opposite of Venus is Eris, sower of discord and chaos. But Eris isn’t such a bad gal, in fact we need her to maintain balance. That’s not always the easiest task, and the 7 of Cups in your decan this month means you’ll have to be out in the mix rather than sitting back and simply observing. You’ll be called upon to mediate, either in your own life or in the affairs of others. True, it’s not a comfortable position for a Libran like yourself. But remember, you’ve got the final say this month- what you decide is what everyone will abide by. So don’t be afraid to step up and take a leadership role. The value you place on peace and harmony will be put to the test this month. But don’t worry, with that famous Libra intellect, you’ll come to the best decision the situation can produce.
Decan 2: (October 4-October 13)
King of Cups

Crafty and perhaps a bit devious by nature, you’re in a position to turn that calculating mind in a new direction this month. Look to those close to you, as family and loved ones will turn to you for support and understanding. You can offer a unique blend of analytical thought and sympathy, and may find yourself playing “Dear Abby” this month as others bring their problems to you. Look at it as a chance to use your insight and understanding, and make the world a brighter place. Drama may be around you, but not in your own life. And that’s one of the reasons why others are looking to you- you can cut through the emotions and hit the heart of the matter. It’s easy to remain impartial, yet at the same time remain sympathetic to others. If you need to deliver a tough message, you can do so with just the right words- tough love it may be, but love nonetheless, and a well-delivered word can make all the difference this month.
Decan 3: (October 14-October 22)
The Wheel of Fortune

Interestingly, your decan is often associated with Nemesis, the Greek goddess of balance. A fitting image for her is indeed the Wheel, wherein what is set in motion comes back around. With a name like Nemesis, you may be thinking “Oh no, what horrors will I face this month?” But not to worry, as Nemesis, much like the Wheel, is impartial. And if your previous month’s effort and work is solid, you’ll begin enjoying the benefits of that work this month. The Wheel here also takes on a revealing aspect- as things come full circle, is there any area that you don’t see results in? It’s time to redirect energy towards what isn’t working, and maintain what is. Overall, this month is looking up for you. But don’t let that make you complacent, and miss out on important opportunities. It’s a month of learning as well, and there’s a good deal that will be coming back around. Be observant, and be happy this month. You’ve earned both.
Decan 1: (October 23-November 1)

You tend to like things nice and harmonious in your day to day activities, preferring to glide through the day without making waves and without anyone giving you a hard time. Often accused of being complicated and difficult to reach, you also have an uncanny sense of perspective. What some may see as random events you take a longer view on and find an order or pattern to the chaos. This month Strength coming into your life means you’ll be doing two things- one of which is making waves, and having to respond to others making waves around you. Maybe not the task you’d prefer, as sitting by the fire with a cup of cocoa may be more your speed for the winter months, but Strength also promises tremendous benefits and changes to come. You’ll be called upon to use all that Scorpio wit, independence and cutting insight to find what you’re looking for. Find the diamond in the rough this month, and you’ll be doing fine. Though there ma y be waves for you in this month, you decide whether or not your boat gets rocked.
Decan 2: (November 2-November 11)
Ace of Wands

This month means you’ll need to speak up and speak out- make your intentions super clear! The Magician last month in your sign pointed to getting tools together, building up your awesome forces, all the while perhaps maintaining that calm demeanor to the outside world. Now it’s time to pull the curtain aside and show the world not the little Wizard of Oz, but rather the fearsome machine you’ve been working on. Let everyone see what you’re all about this month, and what you want to do in the near future. Support for your plans will be there, it’s just a question of getting the word out. Remember, no one will be excited about a project they don’t know about. So get your name out there and your ideas out there right alongside it. Both are good and sound, and the world is waiting for what you bring to its table. You can go it alone, and always have been able to. But why not add fuel to your fire and gain momentum?
Decan 3: (November 12-November 22)
10 of Wands
From the Housewives' Tarot

How are those new digs working out? The last month has brought about change for you, and now you’ll likely be settling in. Avoid feeling overwhelmed this month, and take time out to examine the burdens you carry. While looking at and keenly observing the world around you, don’t forget to turn that penetrating eye on yourself. What are you carrying, what are you worrying about, and what are your concerns this month? As a follow up question, ask yourself as well, how much of this do I actually need to be concerned about? The 10 of Wands is often a card of redirecting your attention. Instead of worrying about every last little detail, this month is a good one to refocus on what’s important. New Year’s resolutions will serve you well, because you’ll be able to make practical, doable ones- not lofty idealistic ones, and you have the discipline and understanding to follow up with them. Look to your long term goals and dreams this month. What did you want to be when you grew up? Where are you now? This will provide a key for your December focus.
Decan 1: November 23-December 2)
The Star

The good news for you this month is that the Star operates on two fronts. It is a card of good fortune and abundance, often called the “Wish Card”- you can wish upon a star, so to speak. The good news is that now you have a clear direction. The good fortune of the Star is not at random- it’s in a specific direction. Expect to see doors opening this month, and requiring you to move through them. There isn’t a clear end for you this month, but rather a way forwards, and a hill to climb. Look for prosperity this month, and look to your emotional side. Where is your direction coming from this month, and what is your intuition telling you? The good news here is that you’re being led from a good point to a better one. Things are looking up for you! For now, your task is to go with it. Continue to build on successes. Trust your own judgment this month, and keep up the good work!
Decan 2: (December 3- December 12)
9 of Pentacles

It looks like a bit of a reprieve for you this month as well, Sagittarius. The 9 of Pentacles points to an arrival at a stable place. You’ve worked hard to make it here, and while more may be required of you in the weeks to come, enjoy a rest. The 9 of Pentacles tells of a stable month, though more is still to be done. Can you do it? Absolutely. Do you need to do it right this second? No, you don’t. Relax for a while and enjoy the winter weather. Getting outside and enjoying the snow (or the lack of snow, depending on where you are) will help to revive and renew you this month. But don’t let your past prosperity make you complacent. A big task for any Sagittarius is to stay grounded, as you can be somewhat flighty now and then. So the 9 of Pentacles can certainly work for you this month. Often thought to be one of the more fearsome signs of the Zodiac, it’s now time to relax, enjoy and regroup this month. Re-focus your energy, and get back in the game when you’re ready.
Decan 3: (December 13-December 22)
6 of Cups

This month your focus is on relationships and the kind of deep connection you need in your life; a new romance may be on the horizon, so keep your eyes open. If something seems right this month, don’t spend too much time seeking out validation. Remember that you can trust your own intuitive judgment, and this month the 6 of Cups promises a comfortable month of reunions, renewal of love and finding new connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people this month, as you’ll be surprised how receptive they can be. Are you worried about being too intense, or wearing your feelings on your sleeve? Don’t be. What you’re bringing out this month is what someone else needs to see, and what needs to be said. And you are the best person to do it this month. Let your freak flag fly, as Jimi Hendrix once advised. And look where he wound up in the annals of rock and roll history! Had Hendrix been anything less than authentic in his music, the world might well be a very different place. The same holds true for you this month.
Decan 1: (December 23-December 31)
3 of Cups

Last month showed us the Knight of Pentacles, and this month that journey has taken a turn for the positive. Your hard work ethic and true-to-yourself attitude are getting noticed by others as you continue along through December. While there’s still hard work ahead of you, you’re in a good spot emotionally, and a good spot in terms of support of other people. You’re the standard-bearer this month, and others look to you for leadership and examples. Fortunately, this is an easy task for you. Don’t get too comfortable, and don’t get too zealous; the support you receive is very much a two-way street. Are you too focused on one task, or one aspect of a situation? Don’t discount people who seem  to be coming into the picture as distractions. They aren’t so much distractions from your grand crusade as they are telling you to take a break. Better to come back to the same task with a fresh perspective than batter your head against the wall of your own frustration. Yes, eventually a break will come. But why not spare yourself the headache in the meanwhile?
Decan 2: (January 1-January 10)
3 of Wands

Look for a longer-term investment to pay off, especially in terms of people. Who has recently come into your life, and what changes have they brought with them? Your enthusiasm and excitement about new projects is catching, and now it’s time to take those beyond the daydreaming phase. As the month passes, other people will bring new ideas and angles, and when this happens, you’ll find yourself running to keep up. But don’t feel overwhelmed, as you still call the shots and have the resources to get it done. Leave the past behind you this month, as any worries or doubts you may have are not currently having any effect save in your own mind. Don’t be afraid of them, and don’t be afraid to move forwards this month. Any past experiences you may have had are in the past; don’t let them hold you back. It’s natural to want every last detail in place, but this month is about the big picture. Details can be addressed as they come up, so focus on what you want to see done and let those bits and pieces take care of themselves.
Decan 3: (January 11-January 19)
7 of Pentacles

Business and industry are at the forefront for December for you. Look to business connections and networking to get off the ground. Things may be moving slowly this month for you, but they are moving. If you haven’t yet made any definitive movements on the things that are bothering you and cropping up as consistent and long-term stressors, now’s the time to do that. This month is a good time to set things in motion for the year ahead, and connections you forge will serve you well in the months to come. Apart from that, stick to it. Don’t expect drastic changes this month, but with hard work and diligence, things will come together. Just remember that the world doesn’t always keep to the schedule we set for ourselves. Flexibility will help you, and don’t hesitate to make use of savings or a rainy day fund if you need it. This will be a temporary setback at worst, and just a brief interlude at best.
Decan 1: (January 20-January 29)
The Sun

It looks like revelations come fast and hard this month, as the Sun provides insight and illumination. This is a good month to realize ambitions, as the Sun is a card of energy. Your analytical nature works well this month, and your quest for knowledge can be satisfied. However, keep in mind that you can be swept up in this potent Sun energy- remember that you can use the sunlight to power a solar panel, or burn down a house. The energy itself is neutral, neither good nor evil. This month’s focus is the ends you put that energy towards. Keep in mind that just because you can acquire tremendous power doesn’t make it a good idea in the long run. Little changes in terms of your goals and ambitions- they are still consistent, and if anything now more attainable as you move into the new year. It’s been two months of Major Arcana cards so far for you, and how you use these potent forces will have long-term effects.
Decan 2: (January 30-February 8)
The Tower

This may seem like something of a mixed blessing this month, as the Tower does have its troublesome and destructive side. But nonetheless, sometimes that destruction is needed. Look for things to get shaken up this month. The question is, what are you losing? The answer seems to be, not too darn much that you actually need. Remember Odin’s struggle in the Poetic Edda? It’s there that we get the quote
From a word to a word I was led to a word
From a work to a work I was led to a work
This, in a lot of ways, sums up the Tower’s role for you this month. December will be a month to re-think and re-do. If something seems to be moving away from you, it’s time to let it go and start the next month fresh. If things feel crowded, stale or cramped, don’t hesitate to mix it up a little bit. Redecorate, go somewhere new this December, or break with tradition. See what happens, you may find you enjoy the change!
Decan 3: (February 9-February 18)
King of Swords

What have you learned this year? A natural experimenter in all areas of life, you do so simply to gain information, not to try other peoples’ patience. This month brings the King of Swords, and new directions for you in the professional and social front. Look for like minds, and you’ll find them. Look for people with similar interests, and get out into your community with them. A civic-minded perspective helps you this month, and what benefits one person benefits the many. You’ll find new ways to innovate, and others will indeed benefit from your perspective and insight into matters. Focus on what you yourself find interesting, and what you yourself like to work on. The key to success is being invested in an outcome, and you also find yourself emotionally invested in the process. Perfection may not be attainable, but you can get that much closer, and this month presents opportunities for you to fine tune both your own engines and those of others around you. Feel free to tinker and see what you find.
Decan 1: (February 19-February 29)
The Emperor

Enthusiasm abounds and is catching this month for you. Remember the nature of the Emperor- both a leader, but not a tyrant. Any good leader relies on his advisors, and that’s your job this month. Listen to those advisors, while at the same time sticking to your guns and being a leader. Someone has to do it, and the time for considering ideas and philosophizing is past- step up and lead this merry band of dreamers. Your tendency towards building consensus serves you well this month. At his worst, the Emperor is a tyrant, paranoid and self-centered, getting so concerned with who said what to whom and jumping at every shadow that nothing gets done. However, when the Emperor leads with justice and kindness to others, valuing their input, insight and intelligence, everyone feels a part of the team and pulls together. Remember that not everyone will think exactly like you do, and when you take the time to really listen, you can add to your own knowledge and insight. Other people surround you with good ideas and insights- don’t take them for granted, and be sure to tell other people you appreciate all they do for you. A kind word here and there will make a world of difference this month.
Decan 2: (March 1-March 10)
8 of Cups
From the Deviant Moon Tarot

Focus on yourself this month, and get a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses. The 8 of Cups will provide you new direction, but you run a risk of being distracted and getting led along by the nose. While your accommodating, gentle Water nature makes you a likable, easygoing person, don’t be too wishy-washy this month. The 8 of Cups can manifest in a good way, leading you to new angles and a new plateau in your professional life, but can also mean you get led astray and off course from what your original goal was. This is not a card of new beginnings, so keep that in mind; now is a good time to put horse blinders on. Blinders are designed to keep a horse looking straight ahead, where the team is going, not off to the side at some tasty patch of grass, a puddle, or whatever it is that may prove momentarily interesting. The road is still ahead of you, so now’s the time to focus on the task at hand, and where it’s leading you. Don’t worry, it’s worth the walk.
Decan 3: (March 11-March 20)
The Magician
From the Connoly Tarot

Our old friend the Magician pops up again, this month in your decan. Last month brought us Judgment/Adjustment, and it looks like things are balancing out. The Magician is another card with two aspects to it- one of which is a grand design, which the Magician holds to and works towards, and the other is the tools the Magician has- the four symbols of a Tarot deck, at his disposal. This is a good month to keep to your ideas. Remember to avoid going off half-prepared, or jumping into something without adequate preparation. The Magician likewise indicates a need for discernment and careful planning. Your goals may not be immediately realized, but you can certainly start working away on them this month. The Magician is nothing if not a doer, a mover and a shaker. The more you work towards your ends, the more skill you’ll develop this month, and that can have short term benefits as well. Focus on your skill set and adding an extra bullet point or two to your resume this month- you may not need it right away, but the more you have in your arsenal, the better off you are.
Well, that’s it for this December. What will the new year hold? December is when we hold Yule celebrations, the symbolic rebirth of the Sun. The winter may be still ahead of us with all its cold and snow, but you know, the spring comes around in its own good time too. Stay well, and keep warm this December!

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