Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Star Spread

The Star card is numbered 17 in the Major Arcana, and is often called the "wish card"; it's often an indication of good fortune and being on the right path. There is also the aspect of direction to this card- think of the stars used for navigation. Seeing the Star in a reading indicates that finding good fortune and opportunities is an indication of being on the right path- follow the signs, it says, and find what fate, destiny or whatever higher calling you may embrace awaits you. This spread is in many ways less specific than other layouts, and can be useful as a starting point for further readings. The spread deals with multiple levels- first, your highest ideals and hopes, second, your spiritual path and influences, and below this, your conscious thought and deliberations on the matter. Finally, the 7th card points to what you do about this- what actions you take, and how those actions manifest in the world around you. These levels can be expanded upon, and the last card can form the basis for another reading, perhaps more specific to an issue or concern raised in this initial reading. 
Follow the star, and find your blessings!
In this spread, the cards form both positions and levels of influence, in terms of where they influence you, and how that influence is felt. Laying out the cards, the pattern forms an arrow and points downwards- from the higher levels and first causes to manifestation on the bottom of the spread:

                                                2             3             4

                                                           5        6


The first card indicates the starting point, what sets this whole thing in motion. Here are the root causes; possibly your deepest desires, thoughts, fears and hopes for the future, or some higher purpose to your life. This may be a dream or hope for the future, a long term plan or goal, or an influence or prompting from the world around you. What do you want to be when you grow up is a good question to ask here. Seeing a Court card here can indicate those characteristics you need to bring to the forefront of your life, or those things you're capable of but not currently using. In another sense, this is your ideal, your higher self- not what you currently appear to be in the world, but what you want to be and what you can be. 
Below this is the emotional, intuitive and psychic level- as your connection to the world around you provides these hints and clues, the second level (cards 2, 3 and 4) indicate how you react to these promptings. Do you react strongly and tend to run away, or do you embrace them enthusiastically? If you shy away- how come? What fears and worries are here? Interpreting this spread is not as much a matter of individual positions as it is looking at the relationships and dynamics at each different level. Here are your more subconscious factors and "gut reactions"- first impressions. Also, look for the influence of others here- their thoughts and communications, either real or perceived. 
Next, cards 5 and 6 mark the transition point between conscious and subconscious levels. This third level becomes more intellectual and analytical, and contains your conscious thoughts about the matter at hand. Also significant in this level is the development of those previous, more subconscious influences into conscious thought. And thought forms the basis of action, which in turn leads to manifestation, on the lowest level- the 7th and final card. 
The 7th card represents the manifestation of this first card, and how the first card finally becomes manifest in the world around us. Here we see the results of actions, and the probable outcome when all these factors are taken into consideration. 
The spread basically begins and ends with the querent; in the upper two levels, look for conflicts or correspondences, and as the spread develops and unfolds, look for trends and persistent influences across the cards. This spread can be useful for seeing underlying problems or unresolved issues- often this isn't quite the huge obstacle it may appear to be, and gaining a better perspective of it often reveals a way around it! And as before, this can be an inroad to deeper understanding and insight, as further readings can be used to better understand the issue at hand. 

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