Monday, March 25, 2013

The Arrow Spread- For Meditation

As many people have already so well demonstrated, the Tarot can be a tool for self-examination, a jumping-off point for meditation, and a tool for self-examination. The cards of the deck can be considered individually, each card representing a specific energy that appears in our lives. Picking out this pattern in the Tarot can provide insight to the current situation, and in many cases put it into context. The goal here is to view a situation or set of circumstances from a new perspective, and in so doing, perhaps move forwards with something you're facing or working through.
I found this pattern can work well for self-examination or insight. When you're faced with a problem or something you can't seem to get past, sometimes simply sitting down and thinking it through. The goal of this spread is one of two things- to provide insight into a situation, or to provide a fresh perspective on a question.
The layout of the spread looks like this- I'll define the positions below.


                                                                           4             5

                                                                     2          1          3

1. The Keystone- Look to this position to clarify thoughts on the situation, as well as any important factors on the situation or in your own mind that you might be overlooking or not seeing at present. 
2. Thoughts- This position is meant to provide insight into cognitive factors in the present, and how you are reasoning or thinking about the matter at hand. 
3. Emotions- This position provides the other half of the equation; the emotional factors and how you may feel about the situation are expressed here. 
4. Directions From Higher- This indicates what your higher self may be telling you- below this are the more obvious, conscious factors, but at this level the focus becomes the subtle promptings and clues we may be picking up from the world around us. 
5. Directions From Spirit- Here again on this side we see the emotional and spiritual factors- here are concealed or unconscious feelings, desires and wishes- these too can come from the world around us. 
6. Higher Direction- Here, at the apex of the pyramid, is an indication of a more grand design- what is this card indicating about a greater purpose or higher design to life, and how does this factor into the current situation you find yourself in? 
This spread is called the Arrow spread because first, it can provide direction, and at the same time, can call us to look up, not down. When we look down, we may see only what's in front of us- looking up and around can provide a new perspective, as well as context. Sometimes we find ourselves stymied, seemingly with no way forwards. When that happens, sometimes sitting down and thinking through the situation can provide new insight and a breakthrough. 

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