Monday, January 28, 2013

Curses, Negative Energy And How To Avoid Them

Do you think you're cursed? Unlucky? Born under a bad sign? Well, you may well be unlucky, and I think we've all felt that way now and again. But cursed? That's a lot less likely than people might think. And unfortunately, there are con artists willing to remove a curse from you- for a fee. The odds are you're not cursed, unless someone really has it out for you. While it's certainly possible that there are some malevolent witches, sorcerers, or what have you out there with nothing better to do than hurl curses at people, the odds are you are not cursed. Let's start by reviewing the basic anatomy of a curse. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a curse as a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one; imprecation. So we can assume first, a curse is deliberate. It's not like tripping on the sidewalk and poof, you're cursed. No, like all such things, a curse requires will and intent. It also requires a specific target- curses are not generally mechanical in nature, like you see in the movies- pick up the artifact, step into the house/tomb/whatever, open the door, read from the book, whatever else Hollywood has come up with, and you set the curse in motion upon yourself, like winding up a watch.
Don't mistake negative energy for a curse! And don't listen to anyone who does. 

Many of us may be familiar with the idea that what we send out comes back to us three times. I think the three is a bit of an arbitrary number, but the principle is certainly true. So when cursing someone, you wind up with the same malevolence coming back on your own head. Like I said, if you're cursed, someone must really have it out for you. There's an interesting article on the Witchvox website about curses- though it raises an interesting point- there is a distinction between a curse and negative energy. The author doesn't seem to fully make this distinction, but I think it's one worth examining  here.
So to review here, we have two distinct areas of negativity- one is indeed, a curse. The other is simply negative thought patterns, self-fulfilling prophecies, and self-doubt. This second is much more common than a curse, and will crop up in the context of a reading. If you're feeling down and bad luck seems to have your number, don't despair! The best antidote to negative energy is, well, positive energy. Take control of your own life, and make things happen that you want to have happen. It could be you're working through some negative aspects of your past- that's fine, just know that this too will pass. Try to keep things in perspective- I can tell you from experience, when you're stressed out and one thing after another happens, you're ready to just about lose your mind! This is human nature, but understanding it can go a good ways towards helping you. If you consult your friendly neighborhood Tarot reader with a question about why your life seems to be going south in a hurry, the answer shouldn't be "you have a generational/whatever curse, you need to have it lifted". At least, not right off the bat. I can't rule out the possibility, though I myself have never encountered this situation so far. I will say that the odds of you being under a curse, generational or otherwise, are very, very slim. Coming to a reader with this type of question, you'll usually find that there are some patterns in your life, either conscious or otherwise, that can trap you in a cycle of negativity. Some of these are easier to change than others- some not. Nonetheless, it can be done. The main thing is to keep an open mind where these things are concerned. Don't let habit, ego or both stand in the way of what you want to see happen. In some cases the person stuck in this cycle of negativity may not realize the nature of the problem, but always keep an open mind, and always be willing to change for the better, and to listen to the guidance the world around you is providing.

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