Friday, November 2, 2012

Affirmations, Negativity And Reversals

Going back to "bad" readings for a moment, it may help to examine just what the Tarot does in this sense. Are there any hopeless readings? Not exactly. No one is immune from karma and the consequences of our actions, yet at the same time, the goal of reading is not to tell you what's going to happen; rather, it's to illuminate the road ahead of you. Knowing what lies ahead can help you to make an informed decision, and getting a better idea of what to expect can help you prepare for it. Now, very rarely will you find someone who is 'cursed', needs to be cleansed, under the evil influence of Mercury (well, actually Mercury is going retrograde very soon, but nonetheless) or anything like that. If you do find someone who tells you this, my advice is get a second opinion. Usually negativity comes about as the result of what has already been, and already happened, coming to fruition in our lives.
Reversals are another common way negativity or difficulties can manifest in the Tarot- a reversal generally means that the influence, situation or energy that card shows is blocked, or unable to manifest at the present time. So the first question that usually follows is, what's in the way? Looking at context can help a great deal, and I've had people stop and think for a moment, then ask me "Do you think it's ____?" Often the fact that this factor, whatever it may be, comes to mind is a good indication that yes, that has an influence. The fact that there are reversals in a spread shouldn't discourage either reader or client; the message here is to look and see what you can do to free up that blockage and move forwards.
So let's examine how that can be done. First, it bears repeating that we are the ultimate deciding force in our own lives- though the stars, fate, karma, what have you all do act to influence your life, we do still possess free will, and our outlook and thought can have a good deal of influence on our situation. What we wish or will to do begins with our thoughts; going back again to the four suits of the Tarot, we find their respective influences. First we have Wands, and Fire- will, or desire to make a change, or undertake a project. So we have that initial spark that prompts us to change. So where to go from there? Well, nothing is built without a blueprint or design, so on to Swords, and analytical thought. Here we have the beginning of how to make something happen- how do we begin to make that impulse reality? Again, with our thoughts.
So we find the way is change your thoughts, change your world. An affirmation is some simple thing, perhaps like a mantra, we keep in mind and make decisions in light of. It can be something simple like "Today I will release the stress I've been holding onto." or "I will work to develop my will." Generally, statements like that rather than "I hope I can release the stress I've been holding onto" or "I wish I could get a chance to let others know what I want" will be more effective- your mind will begin to accept that it's pretty much a given that this thing is going to happen. Keeping a note where you will see it, or using some reminder of that can help to cement that intent in your mind.
First, remember that understanding of the situation helps a great deal. From there, developing and sticking to a plan will allow you to work towards that end. Remember that only you know what you truly want, and can make or break that will's manifestation in the world. The Tarot is not a means to make decisions for you, or allow anyone to give up personal responsibility, but rather a way to empower people to make the best decisions they can.

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