Friday, May 25, 2012

What The Deuce

Returning to the study of the individual number cards, we're up to the Twos. Generally the Twos indicate a development from the Aces, and each Two expresses an aspect of that particular Ace being put into use. The number cards are interesting in that they can be both interpreted individually, and in the context of their adjacent cards in order.  The number cards represent life events, and situations we find ourselves in. This being the case, we find that indeed, they are related to what comes before and after them in their numeric sequence, but also can represent a given point in our lives.
So first off, let's examine the Two of Wands-
The suit of Wands represents the willpower, and directing will to action. As the Ace represented the beginning of a new idea, the Two represents the development of that idea. What we find here is being met, perhaps confronted, with a choice. We're looking at two different possibilities, each one seeming to be equally appealing. But nonetheless, we have to make a choice, and commit to one course. Often this card shows a figure looking out over the ocean, indicating that the ship must soon sail. There's also a sense of dominion in this card (actually the Crowley-Thoth deck expressly identifies this card as Dominion). Dominion here refers to having the ability to direct and control; at this point, there are options open to us- we're at the first crossroads of a decision and action process that will lead us through the metaphors of the cards. And, as the Wands express will, it's time to exercise a certainty and strong will, and make the right choice. In its more negative sense, this card can mean indecision and uncertainty- either the inability to make a decision, or being easily led along by others. 
The Two of Swords is somewhat similar, though the concept is more intellectual than a matter of decision making;
This somewhat unorthodox interpretation is from the Osho Zen Tarot, but actually does have meaning in this context. Consider the literal meaning of schizophrenia- it comes from the Greek term for 'divided mind', or 'split mind'. Here we have a message of considering between two ideas. We can see the positive and negatives of both, yet are unable to make a decision between them. Things exist at the moment in a balance, but this balance can't last forever. When this card appears, it's usually time to consider the options to resolve that decision in your mind. Being tied to the suit of Swords, and hence intellectual matters and thought, we find here that the process is one of simply thinking through the decision- don't be afraid to trust reason and thought, and don't let fear get the best of you. The more negative aspects of this card indicate an inability to think clearly about the issue at hand-again, letting fear or uncertainty get the best of you, or an inability to reach a decision. The Twos all indicate a transitive state- things are indeed moving one way or the other, and if we are not able to make a decision, that decision can sometimes be forced upon us by outside factors.
Now we reach a happier image, the Two of Cups-
This image comes from the Universal Waite Tarot, and might be familiar to many readers. Here, the message seems pretty clear- perhaps a celebration, a wedding, or something as simple as a declaration of love, which means a new partnership. And this is the message of the Two of Cups, ruled over by emotional and spiritual Water. Here we see a new union and coming together, and a new friendship or relationship. This early stage tells us that the direction this relationship can take is still yet to be determined, not yet set in its course. But with this, there's a definite chance for spiritual and emotional happiness- there is the obvious interpretation for single guys and gals of meeting a new someone! In its more negative interpretation, the card can indicate a destructive, manipulative relationship, from either side of the equation, or perhaps simply jumping into an unwise relationship solely from a desire not to be alone. But again, in any case we see the potential here for a great (or terrible) relationship to form.
Now, finally, we find the Two of Pentacles- remember, Pentacles are the most tangible and physical of all the suits.
Here, the message is also one of balance- the figure is often described as a juggler, balancing the two pentacles between his hands. The lemniscate (sideways figure-8) between them also occurs in the Magician card, indicating eternity, yet also here indicates harmony and balance, another interpretation attached to the lemniscate. Here, the indication is a temporary balance- holding things together until those ships in the background return from whatever merchant voyage they happen to be on. In its simplest form, here we see the message of a temporary balance while investments are made- things move towards an end, towards success, but that success is soon to come, not at the present. The card has the meaning of wise investment, and careful planning- keeping things in order and together until the returns on that investment come. 
In its more negative sense, the message is poor planning, and an inability to hold things together in the short term, until investments come full circle, or alternately, making rash and unwise decisions where tangible assets are concerned.
Throughout the Twos, we've seen a message of balance, and, oddly, a need to tip that balance one way or the other- to take action to move forwards, and to bring about a desired end in the long run. Again, we see movement from the raw potential of the Aces, to a call for decision, expressed in the Twos, and, the results of that decision, in the Threes. 

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