Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sun Also Rises

Happy Ostara everyone! Yes, it's that time again. The winter ends, the spring begins. The sabbat of Ostara marks the spring equinox- the term means "equal night", when the night and day are equal in length. Interestingly, this has to do with the orientation of the axis of the earth. It is a point at which we recognize the balance between light and dark, and realize that we need both. You can think of it as night and day, light and dark. If you've ever experienced jet lag, you know we need both waking and sleeping. We need death not to take away life, but so that life can be renewed. Would we say, by extension, that negative things happen in our lives to prove a point, or to teach us a lesson? Well, notice I didn't say bad things. Bad and good are often relative terms, and situations are defined by consequences. So are all things meant to serve a purpose? Well, yes and no. Remember that every action has consequences- these are not always the negative, harmful connotation the word has. Action causes reaction, so saith Newton.
Sounds pretty fatalistic, doesn't it? Again, yes and no. There is no force I know of that can stop karma- that action- consequence link. However, karma is not always bad- there is good karma, too. It's often misunderstood as "I'll give to charity so that karma will look favorably on me and I'll never be broke." Not quite. Sure, what you send out comes back to you, but thoughts also carry their own karma. Actions produce action karma- thoughts produce thought karma. What we think of is what we give energy to, and what we give energy to strengthens those connections in our own mind, ultimately leading to actions.
And like any muscle, our mind can be trained and strengthened. I find that it's not so much being 'happy' all the time- life goes on, some days are good, some not so good. But it's not always running around with a big smile on your face and sprinkling fairy dust on everyone and pretending you have no worries in life. It is, however, remaining calm and objective. Sometimes we all need to step back a bit from our involvement- look at the situation and say well, it could be worse! It might very well be along the lines of "Well, at least I'm not on fire", but every problem has a solution.
The spring season is a time of renewal and rebirth- the balance between life of the spring and death of the winter, and is a good time to consider those things we need to put to death in our own lives, or simply let go of. Again, what we give our thoughts to is what we invest energy to. It's not always easy to change habits, but as time goes on, you'll find it's easier to do. Do it twelve times and it becomes a habit, as they say. We tend towards a state of equilibrium- changing something will mean that it'll take a little time to re-balance. The question and the motivation is that the benefits of that change will outweigh the difficulties. And remember, some things in the long run are worth fighting for. Have a great spring, and be well!

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