Friday, April 29, 2016

May 2016 Tarotscopes

This May, the focus shifts from beginnings to getting down to the brass tacks of our life. Spring is upon us, despite a late snowstorm here in the northeast, and no doubt much grumbling, when we thought the winter was behind us! But now that all our meteorological ducks are in a row, it’s time to focus on planting and preparing for the wonderful spring and summer ahead, on into the fall. The wheel of the year continues to turn, and change seems to be the only thing that doesn’t change, to borrow a page once more from that eminent sage and Rush frontman, Geddy Lee. So let’s examine what May (or may not) holds for us. It’s been said be careful what you ask for, you might get it. But instead of asking, be careful what you work for- that, you’ll definitely get!
Keep in mind that we’re looking at a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius this month, so you may find yourself examining goals and objectives. Mercury retrograde occurs when the planet appears (from here on Earth, anyway) to be moving backwards. This is caused by the two moving bodies, so again, it appears relative to our position here on terra firma. And what appears to be can be the key to understanding this month. Instead of a tremendous amount of confusion and doubt, it’s a time to examine and clarify what you want. Your goals and efforts are highlighted this month, and it’s the energy you put forth that will determine what direction things take for you.


Decan 1: (March 21-March 30)

The Chariot

Moving on from the Page of Pentacles, things seem to be pretty much in order for you this month. However, one area to keep in mind is that you’ll need maintenance. You’ll need to defend your position and keep things in order. The Chariot has with it two animals, seeming opposites. What you don’t see in this card is the more harmonious union you’d find in say, the Temperance card. Here it’s just brute force and will that keeps things running in the same direction, so don’t be afraid to be assertive in holding on to what you want. But the view from the driver’s seat is a clear one this month, and you’ll find yourself with a far-seeing vantage point. So look to the road ahead, and be on the lookout for detours or potholes to make your trip through the month of May as smooth as it can be. But despite the occasional bump in the road you may encounter, you’ll find that you have the advantage, and being assertive is much different than fighting tooth and nail to maintain what control you have. You’ve come to an advantageous position, and there’s no need to be paranoid. Focus instead on what lies ahead, and focus on steering yourself towards what you want to see.

Decan 2: (March 31-April 9)

King of Wands

The thing about Kings and Queens in the Tarot is that they’re seated on their thrones, and the common theme throughout the decans of your sign is that of accomplishment and a fairly secure position. The previous month’s Ace of Cups has given you some advantages, and now with the King of Wands, it’s time to put them to use. The King indicates you’ll be feeling a great deal of confidence, and with the cards that have come previously and the influences that have led you up to this point, your confidence is well justified. But don’t let it turn into being overly domineering and cocky. Going back to that Ace again, your foundation as of late is built on Water, as odd as that might sound. That doesn’t indicate you need to be too controlling and paranoid, which we see in the more negative aspects of this King, but rather be confident and flexible. The nature of this previous Water card is to work with what you’ve got. A good leader doesn’t just dictate to everyone what they’re going to do; a good leader works with them and identifies strong points. Play your strengths and work on your weaknesses this month, and remain on course, as you’ll find with a degree of assertiveness and confidence, others will fall in behind you, inspired by your own goals and the path that has led you to them.

Decan 3: (April 10-April 19)

The World

This is the last Major Arcana card in the sequence of numbers, and brings together your life under one common banner. Are you feeling a little restless, with a need to take on new challenges? This may be the month to start doing so. However, be sure to plan things out carefully, and weigh all the advice and insight you have. The World incorporates four figures, indicating the four Elements, and symbolizing the four aspects we have- thought, will, emotion and intuition, and tangible resources. All these will need to work together, and you’ll need to identify how each of them manifests in your life. Now is a favorable time for you- but don’t go off half-cocked, and plan carefully for whatever ideas and designs you may wish to make manifest in the future. You’re in a good, stable position, and you may want to increase that success and keep on going with it. This desire is a good one to have, but you must be careful not to let ambition outshine practical planning. If you can maintain a level head and balanced approach, you’ll be well off. It may take a little more time, but this is not the month for quick and easy gratification. Rather, work carefully and you’ll see new aspects to the situation.


Decan 1: (April 20-April 30)

3 of Pentacles
Image courtesy of the Witches Tarot

A new Moon comes cruising into your sign early this month, and it’s a good time to focus on yourself. The 3 of Pentacles promises new developments in a practical sense, but these come with time for you. Normally you’d expect promotions and recognition in the 3 of Pentacles, and yes, your work life is solid and productive. The 3 here also has a different focus, but the same end. Take care of yourself physically, and look to these Pentacles as an investment. Take care of yourself, be it taking some time to enjoy a sunny day, or doing something creative that you enjoy, with no other reason than the enjoyment it brings you. As time goes on, you’ll find this too helps you along. It’s a good time to take care of yourself, without worrying about the future. Look for beauty in the world around you, and perhaps even draw some inspiration from it. That inspiration is contagious this month, and by your simple joys you’ll be drawing others to you who see your smile and want to know more- where did it come from? What are you doing that brings you that happiness? This can in turn put your creative talents on display, and lead you to new ways to express those strengths in the world around you. This can bring rewards with it as well- when you work from the heart and let your passions show, you really play to your strengths and show others those strengths as well.

Decan 2: (May 1-May 10)

Ace of Pentacles
From the Universal Wirth Tarot

The Aces convey the idea of seeds; full of potential not yet realized, and this month brings a good time to plant those seeds and begin to develop them. The Ace of Pentacles tells of a need to apply yourself practically; great ideas and planning may fall short this month without action towards your goals. Yet the Ace is not a card of tremendous hurry, so proceed carefully. What new insights have you been finding over these past weeks and months? Consider these carefully this May, and see if you’re being led in a particular direction or have a particular strong point as of late. This is where to direct your energies and efforts, and how to best make these seeds grow. This month marks a shift from the idea phase to the actually getting down and doing it phase. The time has come to roll up your sleeves, and from these beginnings, great things will grow. Though you may be looking at some delays, your natural stubbornness and hard-headedness will be more than equal to any obstacles or resistance you may be facing, so be sure to press on through. If it’s what you want to do, no one can tell you different, and this month this hardness of head becomes a very helpful asset. However, though you may be pressing on, don’t get too frustrated; remember that seeds need to sprout in their own time. But you’ll definitely be seeing the first sprouts breaking ground this month. Take heart, the best is yet to come! There’s a balance between watching and working for you- keep things up and running, but at the same time don’t just sit back and let things happen, as your effort is required as well.

Decan 3: (May 11-May 20)

10 of Pentacles

Pentacles abound in your sign this month, and none more so than the third decan. A time to relax and regroup is present, and the previous months have brought you up to a point of stability. Look to see how this manifests around you. Of course, the 10 can become the jumping off point for a new cycle and a new round of growth and development, but it’s also a place to take five and catch your breath before you press on. The 10 is likewise a very stable, unmoving card. Castles that were built thousands of years ago still stand, but tremendous effort went into setting up their stones. Let go of the difficulties of the past this month and focus on what you’ve built, and what endures. The past happened, yes, and sometimes those emotions require processing, especially those that you didn’t have time to really examine at the time. Now that you find yourself with a little more leisure, it’s a good idea to take stock, both of yourself and your environment. Are there any loose ends, and anything you want to tie up or address? The 10 of Pentacles is a very family-oriented card, and family here doesn’t necessarily mean people you’re related to. There’s a sense of happiness with the spring, and it’s a good time to connect or reconnect with old friends, and meet new ones. Get out into the world and enjoy the sunshine, and try not to work too hard. You don’t need to continuously work, and when you find you have the time to relax, take advantage of it! This emotional processing shouldn’t be a burden, but rather a chance to free yourself up from anything that’s been weighing on your mind. Relax, enjoy, and look ahead from a calm and stress-reduced place..


Decan 1: (May 21-May 31)

The Emperor

From the practical 3 of Pentacles previously, things are coming together for you. The Emperor sits on a throne, an indication of stability and power, and is frequently shown with a scepter and orb, symbols of authority and dominion. But although the Emperor is a dominant, in-charge figure, he doesn’t rule alone. This month, you’ll need to keep an ear to others and listen to advice, despite perhaps feeling the need to stretch your wings and try something new. One of the potential downfalls of the Emperor is micro-managing, and getting easily distracted, jumping from one task to the next. Stay focused and let other people work with you. Likewise, don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. These past couple months you’ve been the most visible aspect of a more complex process, so don’t hesitate to show others how much you appreciate them. Information is what the Emperor runs on, and what ensures success for you this month. You’re in a dominant position and, with your wits about you, can make things continue to happen. But you’ll need to stay in tune with what’s happening around you and be aware of the changing tides. May 6th marks the New Moon, and the following days are a good time to watch for changes. Don’t become too wrapped up in ego and your own happiness this month, but do take the time to plan ahead- others will listen!

Decan 2: (June 1-June 10)

The Magician

The Majors make a prominent showing across your sign this month, and your decan brings us the Magician. From a point of change and fluctuation, you’re moving to the relative stability of the Magician, and a chance to take advantage of your new insight and understanding. Sometimes depicted as a trickster or con artist, the Magician also has the ways and means to do quite a bit with the tools he has on hand. The four Suits of the Tarot are represented, and so the Magician has these four areas of life at his or her disposal. Will, represented by the Magician’s wand, directs the whole thing. What has the previous month or so taught you about this will and direction? The time to make things happen is here, and this card is a flexible one in terms of how its energy can be used. What areas are you ready to look at, and perhaps more importantly, where are you ready to make changes? The Magician has an association with Mercury in the Zodiac, and here especially represents fast thinking, communication and an exchange of ideas. Your purpose and goal remains constant, with a good deal of help from your higher powers (that wand is raised for a reason) and Mercury represents working with other people and other aspects of the world, symbolized by the four Suit symbols. You’ve learned a great deal, and now it’s time to put it to use. There’s no specific area that dominates this card, but at the same time, avoid wasting time and effort on a hundred different projects; your best bet is to focus on one. Let things flow this month. What’s important will naturally rise to the surface for you.

Decan 3: (June 11-June 20)

5 of Cups

It’s a good month to carry over that Queen of Wands energy from the previous month, as change is on the horizon for you. The Mercury retrograde may be hitting a little hard this month, but the 5 of Cups is not necessarily a troubling card. There is indeed an upside to it. Where on the one hand you have a seeming loss, on the other it frees up space to move. What will you nurture and grow to fill that space? There are some spilled cups, true. But there are also some cups remaining. Often we see the figure turning towards the spilled cups, focusing on the trouble and not possible solutions or an upside. Emotions can do that, and this month you may find them difficult to get a handle on. This can often be a tough spot for Geminis. Your sign points to Air, and you tend to feel things very intensely, but never fear. Just as much as you can get stuck, you can turn that focus outwards and towards what you can do rather than what you can’t control this month. Think positive, and you’ll find there are new opportunities coming from what’s already happened. The previous month and this month have a common element of Water- the suit of Cups, and the Queen. Be flexible, and you’ll find that this is the best way to overcome challenges. Not by battering into them full speed, but rather by looking at things from a position of logical Air, your element, and flexible Water, which has been making an appearance for you lately. If you’re able to do this, you will find opportunities where you thought there was simply resistance.


Decan 1: (June 21-July 1)

Page of Wands

Here’s an interesting change from cards of stability and building up, but the Page here takes on the sense of a messenger. Communication is highlighted, and enthusiasm comes easily this month for you. However, this Page can be a particularly volatile one, and though the outlook is generally quite positive, there’s a chance of being overly impulsive- the Pages require focus and direction, and discipline. Keep an eye on what you’re doing this month. It’s better to make slower, steadier progress than leaps and bounds when you remember to direct your attention towards existing projects. It’s a good time to weigh what you have coming in, especially in terms of communications and opportunities. Though you’re tending towards steady progress, avoid making too many impulsive decisions. Take some time to think it through, and you’ll be better able to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. On its lighter side, this card promises plenty of opportunity to show off, in the best sense, and plenty of times to shine, putting your skills and strengths to work. The Page is a natural attention seeker too, and this month promises you the limelight. Do, however, make sure you’re getting noticed for the right reasons. Careful and thoughtful examination can help you offset that darting, quick Page energy and make sure it goes where it will be most effective.

Decan 2: (July 2-July 12)

10 of Swords

Does this card spell disaster for you? Not as much as it might seem. Once again we see the influence of Mercury’s retrograde, though it’s a good deal more positive than you may think. Despite representing an end and tearing things down, the 10 also marks the start of a new cycle as well. Be sure to tie up any loose ends, and lose any dead weight you may be carrying. The suit of Swords can be troublesome in the case of a retrograde, but keep in mind that it also brings with it a chance to re-examine and restructure. This is what the 10 points to for you this month. What’s falling away for you this month? This card sometimes gives me a different mental image, one of these Swords fitting together to form a platform- something to stand on. It’s out with the old and in with the new this month, and this is a good month to re-examine your goals and priorities. Don’t be afraid to make changes, and don’t be afraid to let go of what is no longer helping you. The 10 is one of those “scary” cards that sometimes causes a look of worry to pass over people’s faces when they see it turned over. But don’t worry. Change can be tough, and there may be some stress this month, but the suit of Swords is funny like that- when you find Swords causing worry, the solution often lies in that objective, logical aspect of the suit as well. Again, communication is highlighted for you this month, and communication with yourself will prove of great help as well.

Decan 3: (July 13-July 22)

Page of Cups

Your clarity and direction are leading you in a positive direction this month, and this Page points to more insight and information coming your way. The Page often appears to be talking to the fish in his Cup. What could this fish possibly be communicating to him? He seems to be listening, however, and this receptive aspect will help you this month. Expect the unexpected in terms of communication and messages- these represent new ways for you to apply what you know and what you’ve learned. Love is in the air for you if you’re single, as the Page of Cups has a great deal of intuitive and emotional power. If you’re in a relationship already, be sure to take some time with your partner to have a good time. Your sign is dominated by the Moon, with its shifting and intuitive nature. Things become revealed in their own time, and this month is no exception. What that fish will tell you, and what the growing Moon will reveal give you a lot of direction and excitement this month. However, don’t spend all your time making googly eyes at your partner, or potential partner and daydreaming- when the opportunity comes to you, jump on it and go for it. Continue what you’ve started, and though there are new twists and turns, stay the course.


Decan 1: (July 23-August 2)

The Fool

Things have been running well for you, and this will likely continue. The Fool is an interesting card in the deck, as it points to new beginnings, but with few guarantees. When the Fool pops up in a reading, I always look to the surrounding cards- is this Fool heading in the right direction? Where is that cliff in relation to the Fool, and does he see it? This month seems to have little danger of winding up falling off that cliff, watching the ground rush up at you and pondering where you went wrong. Your sign shares the Fool’s sometimes headstrong characteristics, but there seems little that’s hidden and little that’s not laid out and clear this month. Looking to the Fool as a traveling figure, we see that his course can be a successful one. Often the Fool is shown with a bag on his back, representing previous experience, and the things he has taken away. Don’t be too overly influenced by the people around you- the Fool’s course is not yet decided, but it’s important that you follow through this month and keep moving in the same direction. That cliff that frequently appears on depictions of the Fool can be an issue, but at the same time you’re making your own decisions, listen to warnings as well. People around you, peers and friends, play a prominent role this month, but it’s up to you to weigh advice carefully. Don’t automatically follow everything you’re told, but rather weigh what you’re given with the path you’re on. Does this help you reach your goals and get a little further down the road, or are you being led off on a tangent to where you had started?

Decan 2: (August 3-August 12)

High Priestess
From the Occult Detective Skra Tarot

The High Priestess will be taking you to deeper levels of both confusion and understanding this month, as your previous month’s Knight of Cups continues his journey. You’re prone to enjoy being the center of attention, so this month may bring some challenges, as humbleness is a part of the High Priestess. But remember, what you don’t know is just something you haven’t learned yet. You’re too good not to be able to take criticism now and again, and don’t need to constantly defend your fragile ego. No, this month brings new ways to advance, and more to learn. But before you can learn anything new, you have to be willing to take direction. The High Priestess is sometimes one of the more puzzling cards in the deck, hiding knowledge and the key to your situation right in plain sight. Everything else seems fairly steady for you, and the High Priestess highlights self-improvement and development. Expect some challenges earlier on in the month, but with these the liberty to pursue solutions. Try to maintain close contact with other people- don’t let that famous Leo pride get in the way, or ties to other people you love may suffer. But overall, it’s a good time to engage in some soul searching and self-examination. Not that you’re hiding any deep dark secrets, or trying to defend your ego from something, but how can you fine-tune your approach and perception? Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice once said when she ventured down the rabbit hole- where does your rabbit hole lead this month?

Decan 3: (August 13-August 22)

3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords sometimes advises caution, sometimes fearlessness in giving up what needs to be let go of. You may be going through a rocky patch in terms of relationships, but don’t do anything too impulsive. Though this card appears in the logical suit of Swords, there is a strong emotional charge to it, and that emotional charge might not be the most comfortable. Bear with this, as advantages can be gained from it. Perhaps you’ve heard of a zero-sum game, where what is lost by one side is gained by another. You don’t have sides this month, and no enemy but yourself. You have really no losses or gains this month, at least in terms of the world around you. What you do have in terms of gains is an opportunity to change things, to examine priorities and to decide what to focus on. The previous month’s Chariot brought a lot of movement, no doubt keeping you pretty busy, and now things are settling down a little bit. If you’re not happy with that outcome, and not happy with where things have fallen, it’s a good time to regroup and develop a new plan. The world around you is slowing down a bit, but your Leo nature may well be driving you onwards still. This is not a bad thing, but there is one aspect of the 3 of Swords to be aware of- avoid quick, emotional judgments. That emotional charge to the card can make you want to act quickly, and while you can certainly do that, be sure to look before you leap, especially in terms of your relationships and communications to other people. Really try to avoid burning any bridges this month, and wait to see what time reveals, when you’re a little calmer.


Decan 1: (August 23-September 2)

The Empress

Generally this is a positive sign for you, a nurturing, supporting figure, and you’ll often find yourself taking on aspects of this yourself this month. Keep an eye on what you’re doing, and how it’s being made manifest around you, as the Mercury retrograde coming up towards the end of the month can mean some confusion for you. Learn to say no this month, not out of a spirit of selfishness or meanness, but rather to avoid over-extending yourself. The Empress is well-matched in the Tarot Majors by the Emperor; here we have structure imposed upon the expansion and growth of the Empress. Too much of either of these sides can mean trouble, and for you this month be careful in what you commit to- not because you don’t know what you’re doing, or someone’s pulling a fast one on you, but rather because you can over-commit yourself. Think before you speak, and especially before you write, sign or otherwise put your name on it. There’s a tremendous expansion for you towards the summer, as the previous month brought the seed of change in the Ace of Pentacles, and now we have the Mother Nature-esque Empress lending a ton of energy to it. But don’t overfeed plants, or they’ll grow too fast and too quickly, unable to sustain themselves. Better to be careful and plan it out. If you’re looking at new commitments, you shouldn’t necessarily avoid them- just double-check; a stitch in time can save nine, after all.

Decan 2: (September 3-September 12)

7 of Pentacles

A common theme in May has been a time to watch the dust settle; a lot has been going on, and things are building up for you. The 7 of Pentacles carries two levels of meaning with it- building for the future, and an admonition not to get too impatient. It’s a great time to put in hours at work, whatever your chosen career may be, or at some side project. Working with your hands will keep you steady, and failing all else, give you something to do. Virgos might be feeling that Mercury retrograde a bit more than others this month, but keeping busy will give you something to occupy your mind, and productive work will, the 7 promises us, provide great benefits down the line. Relationships seem stable and comfortable, and you’ll find a comfortable fit with your partner, with neither too much being left unsaid nor too many words to fill uncomfortable silence. But your focus should be primarily on work. There’s not a tremendous amount of change this month in your sign, so it’s a good opportunity to work hard and build up for the future.

Decan 3: (September 13-September 22)

5 of Wands

Interestingly, you have a repeat of the previous month! Does that mean you’re fine, everything stays the same? Not quite. Events going on around you are challenging you, and the sparring you’ve been doing over the past few weeks might now have a bit more sting to it. Be careful of what you say to others, as they may take it as a challenge or a slight, and take it personally. You, however, can rise above that if you’re clear in your intentions, and stop to explain what you meant. Don’t worry, and don’t dwell on troubling events- if you’ve moved past it, now is not the time to constantly second guess yourself and worry. Rather, things slowing down for your sign this month mean you may be going out of your way to find things to worry about. A good deal of the focus of the conflict in the 5 of Wands comes from within yourself. Outside conflicts, you’ll find, often mirror what you yourself are going through. So don’t let yourself be led into arguments and trouble; rather, a calm outlook is your best bet. It’s a good month to do some kind of physical activity you enjoy, even something as simple as skipping stones or taking a hike. It doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate to be of great benefit to you this month. Though you’re looking at continued instability and imbalance in the 5, this shouldn’t be interpreted as cause for concern, but rather something to be dealt with as it comes out. Taking things one day at a time will get you where you need to be; worrying about what’s several days down the road will not.


Decan 1: (September 23-October 3)


Things are running fairly smoothly this month, and the previous month’s Moon has revealed a good deal of the landscape around you at this point. Career is highlighted, and you’ll need to remain flexible in your reactions to changes on the professional front. But Temperance does not point to loss or hardship, but rather to a restructuring. Your job may be shifting and changing, and learning new skills and aspects of work will help you. Keep mentally active as well as physically active, and watch your diet. If you’re looking to start an exercise program, it’s a good time to do so. You’ll find yourself with a good deal of energy and creativity, and this will help to keep you on your career path. Prove how invaluable you are this month, as you’ll have a good deal of exposure in a professional sense. So shine away! There are really no major obstacles for you this month, and the Temperance card advises you to work hard and thoroughly. Results may require a little extra effort on your part this month, but nonetheless your outlook is a fairly stable one this month. There should be little trouble on your horizon, so be sure you’re not going out of your way to look for trouble. Focus instead on harmony and building good professional relationships, as well as a little networking. Reach out to others, and you may be surprised what they can contribute and help you to see.

Decan 2: (October 4-October 13)

Queen of Wands

Particularly in your decan, there’s a need to examine your motivations, as the Queen of Wands presents an interesting combination of forces. Will combines with flexibility and understanding in this Queen, which, when properly applied, can get you places. Ambition and intelligence are present both in your decan and in this card, and you should keep an eye out for other people who can aid you in what you want to accomplish. But even though your heart is in the right place, try to avoid coming across as overly manipulative and cunning. This is very rarely what’s on your mind- but avoid giving other people this impression, and be sensitive to other people. The Queen can be a very driven figure, and this can come at the expense of considering others. While you’re normally a compassionate person, don’t let that enthusiasm and excitement sweep you up too much. That excitement and energy continues on from April, with plenty to occupy it. You’ll find yourself helping others out, perhaps in the role of a sympathetic ear or giving advice. Be sure to keep lines of communication open, and let others know they can come to you, not only with problems, but also with concerns. Don’t get too wrapped up in yourself and your own goals this month, and be sure to get out and socialize with others.

Decan 3: (October 14- October 22)

2 of Pentacles
From the Shadowscapes Tarot

The suit of Pentacles is often your “last stop” in the process of development and manifestation, and to a fair degree this is true for you this month. This month has as its focus putting plans into action, and making needed changes. The 2 represents a stable month, true, but it’s a temporary balance. You have little to worry about there, as the scales will be very likely to tip in your favor. As the suit of Pentacles comes as that last stop, the things you’ve done and set in motion are not in vain. Your focus this month should be on practical matters. Focus on getting things done, and making needed changes. There may be a tendency to delay and procrastinate, but don’t be afraid to take action. What you put off isn’t really that much of a chore as it may seem, anyway, which is an important point to keep in mind. Overthinking things and worrying about them, especially at the expense of taking action, will not do you any good this month. Better to finish what you’ve started. Do you think you’re not ready for the spotlight, and not ready to be noticed? Don’t worry, you’ll do well. Just don’t keep trying to get everything perfect, as you’ll drive yourself to exhaustion trying to keep the wind in a sieve. The point is, there will never be a perfect time- so use the time you have now to set things in motion, and take advantage of a quiet month full of opportunity. Likewise, career and professional fronts will be strong. Don’t hesitate to work closely with others, and reach out to the surrounding community. You have a good deal to contribute, so again, don’t spend too much time worrying about everything being perfect- your ideas and plans are sound, you should handle the smaller details as they come up rather than trying to cover every front.


Decan 1: (October 23-November 1)

Wheel of Fortune

Normally, the Wheel of Fortune is a strong indication of change for the better- the tides of luck are turning for you. While that’s the case this month as well, there’s another side to it, especially coming from your previous month’s Page of Cups. While it’s true that we can’t control fate, whether we allegorize it as a wheel, three women, or whatever it is, we can direct it to a fair extent. What to look for this month is first, your intuition. Where are you being pointed to? Look for coincidence, recurring imagery and symbols, and events that seem to be leading you somewhere. But at the same time, remember that what you are looking at has come around because of all you’ve set in motion already- consciously or unconsciously (and both seem to be at work this month) you’ve brought yourself to where you are now. And where you are now is not such a bad spot! There’s a big emphasis on luck with this card, so continue to take advantage of good luck and fortune this month. The circumstances around you are leading you in a particular direction, so don’t hesitate to trust that intuition and guidance, as it will not lead you astray. True, any journey requires effort, but the road ahead seems pretty smooth and easy this month.

Decan 2: (November 2-November 11)

The Star

Much seems to be falling into place for you this month! Patience will pay off, perhaps in ways you don’t expect. The Star, coming on the heels of the High Priestess, has two aspects to it. One is that of blessing and good fortune. So enjoy! But don’t get too complacent, as there is another side to this card as well. The good fortune you’re experiencing is like stepping stones- it’s sending you in a particular direction. A star serves as a point for navigation: the same idea comes into play with the Star in the Tarot. You’ll find you have what you need to move on, and the Star tells us of a continuing journey. There’s a great deal that has become clear already, and the High Priestess previously has revealed a great deal. Now it’s time to turn to the world around you. Things look very favorable, and you should not hesitate to follow up on any new opportunities. Don’t worry, it’s not too good to be true. And in fact, second-guessing yourself and constantly worrying if you made the right decision can cost you more in time and effort than you’ll gain from being that careful. True, you often have a focus on the internal side of things, and ideas and feelings are important to you. However, your focus this month should be more on the external side- look at the world around you, and apply that wonderful Scorpio perception and insight to it. Use that high energy for creative ends as well, but don’t put too much on your plate.

Decan 3: (November 12-November 22)

4 of Swords
from the Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Both forward motion and a firm foundation are highlighted for you this month. The 4 of Swords doesn’t mean simply sit back and relax, but rather points to coming from a fairly stable place. The suit of Swords brings the focus onto ideas and creativity, which you may find in abundance this month. However, avoid going backwards, and avoid becoming too comfortable where you are. The 4 of Swords is meant to act not as a hiding spot for you to avoid the things you don’t want to deal with, but rather to offer you a mental and emotional foundation. Don’t forget what you’ve learned and discovered in previous months, and use this for any turmoil that may come up. Things will be moving quickly for you, and you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. But don’t hide from a challenge, and don’t back down. Your best plan of action this month is to remain strong and certain, and be assertive rather than weighing options and constantly second-guessing yourself. Come back to challenges you’ve been working on, and you’ll find you have a good foundation to operate from. However, those things you don’t address won’t go away, and though you tend to avoid conflict and seek emotional satisfaction, you can turn that to motivation as well. Sometimes you have to work to get to that stable point.


Decan 1: (November 23-December 2)

Knight of Swords

One of the more idealistic figures in the deck, the Knight of Swords tells of a need to follow your impulse and go for the glory. However, like all the Knights, there is a down side. The Knight here can be overly impulsive, moving from one cause to another. Enthusiasm and idealism can certainly be of benefit to you this month, but consistency and effort are also needed. Avoid being too impulsive, and avoid changing your position too often. There are opportunities for you this month, but with the Mercury retrograde, don’t assume too much- what you think others heard and what they actually heard may be two different things. The simple answer to that is ask; other people won’t see you as too neurotic if you’re confirming an assumption. Though you’ll be looking to strike out on your own this month, don’t burn any bridges just yet. Again, communication. Tell people what’s on your mind, even if they don’t agree with you. Your idealism and effort are admirable, and if it’s time to move on, you can certainly do so gently. Discretion is the better part of valor for you this month, so don’t be too eager to tell people what you really think. Or at least tell them what you think diplomatically. Likewise, with this Knight in your sign, proceed with caution in relationships, regardless of your status. Avoid being too impulsive with a partner, and avoid rushing into any major relationship changes. The world may need a little time to catch up to your fire and enthusiasm, though overall the month’s outlook is a positive one. So go slow this month, despite feeling the need to take off and run. Find a middle ground between these two, and follow your happiness.

Decan 2: (December 3-December 12)


Impulsiveness and direction are also highlighted in your decan this month, but what your enthusiasm is leading you to is indeed the right way to go. The Judgment card provides direction and signals that are hard to miss. Things have come together for you, and it may seem like the world is pointing you in a specific direction. Are you ready to start a great and noble quest? If not, get ready! You’ll find things very much in keeping with your natural sense of a higher world and higher calling around you. The Judgment card represents a calling, and this month marks the start of new journeys for you. Though there is an element of impulsiveness and snap decisions that you should avoid this month, the Judgment card isn’t terribly subtle about it- there’s a reason the angel is holding a big huge trumpet instead of sitting behind a desk writing a memo. There’s a right approach to this, though your calling and direction are certainly leading you on this month. Go with it, as direction and guidance are hard to miss this month for you. Don’t be afraid to take chances, as again this isn’t a terribly subtle card. Things are what they look like this month, despite the retrograde. With this card, you’ll be in a position to correctly interpret what others may have missed, and this can definitely be turned to your benefit as well.

Decan 3: (December 13-December 22)

The Tower

It looks like yet another Major card for you this month, and the Tower promises drastic changes. Should you necessarily fear this? Though the Tower promises some stress and upheaval this month, you should not be afraid to tear down what needs to be torn down. There are some endings this month, and throughout your sign the watchword is caution- avoid being too impulsive, especially in response to stress and difficulties. The Tower can go one of two ways for you this month. As things are changing in your sign, you’ll need to focus on making the changes you want to see- take advantage of the circumstances rather than having them dictate your actions. Stress and some difficulties are seemingly unavoidable this month, but how you react to them is not written in stone. Keep in mind that these changes are necessary- you’ll be moving in a different direction, but you don’t necessarily need to suffer along the way. You may find things ending, perhaps doors being closed to you this month. Let these things go, and try to roll with the punches- the ultimate end is not simply bad luck, but rather to bring about needed change and renewal. What’s passing away can be difficult to let go of, but at the same time is a necessary part of life. Trouble will come from trying to keep everything the way it is. Let go and embrace the change, and even the Tower can have a positive, helpful side!


Decan 1: (December 23-December 31)

7 of Swords
From the Legacy of the Divine Tarot

This month is a good time to exercise caution. The 7 of Swords here points less to someone actively misleading you or attempting to undermine you as it does uncertainty and confusion about your own ideas and motivations. However, your previous month held the 4 of Pentacles, a very stable card. So this month is a good month to focus on your own home life and your own affairs, as well as your health. Don’t take on too much this month, and proceed carefully. It’s a good month as well to focus on yourself- make time for you, and don’t worry, any distractions or urgent demands can wait until you’re ready. You may need some quality time with a loved one or partner as well, if for no other reason than to sort out your own thoughts. However, the 7 promises that despite initial troubles, things will become clear once again. What you need to cut out of your life will make itself known, and ultimately you’ll be the better for having come through this month. Don’t spend too much time looking at short-term worries, but rather focus on longer-term changes. If someone or something is moving out of your life, don’t try to hang on to the past. It may seem like this is something absolutely needed, but keep in mind that there may well be a better way. The 7 of Swords tells us that what we see may not always be what is really there; perception may not quite jibe with reality, so take some time to think and examine what’s around you. There may be some other solution that you may not have foreseen initially that becomes revealed. Look to other people to provide perspective, because being too deep in a situation means you may well lose an objective viewpoint.

Decan 2: (January 1-January 10)

9 of Pentacles
Courtesy of the Little Red Tarot

Things seem fairly solid, but don’t attempt too much this month. The 9 of Pentacles has a great deal to do with stability and foundation, and there’s a definite message of taking it easy this month, too. Things may seem a little confusing around you, but that’s really nothing to worry about. Your strengths, and the focus for you this month, is rather on relaxing and enjoying what you’ve already accomplished. The Knight of Pentacles previously has run its course for you, and it looks like you’ve arrived at a pretty good place! The 9 of Pentacles tells us that for now, just relax and enjoy. There are no doubt more changes for you on the horizon, but in the meantime enjoy a little break in the action. You can look forwards to a month of feeling pretty good about yourself overall, though the worries and uncertainties that are part and parcel for your sign are there as well. But again, despite these things the focus in your decan is not on the negative, but rather on the positive. Answer your worries or that nagging voice from a place of certainty and experience, and plan for the future. You may find some issues coming up that you’ll want to address right away, but remember that it’s a better approach to go in when you’re good and ready than to come in half-cocked and get stuck midway through. So take it easy this May, spend some time outdoors and be sure to stop and smell the flowers!

Decan 3: (January 11-January 19)

Queen of Pentacles

What strikes me most about the Queen of Pentacles is first, her giving nature. The Queen can often be a den mother, helping others but at the same time not someone you’d want on your bad side. Your decan tends to be one of the more practical in this sign as well, and the Queen has a deep sense of which way the winds are blowing. Your intuition in practical matters this month is on point, and you can certainly rely on it. The Mercury retrograde going on seems to roll off you to a large extent, and you’ll be the rock standing in troubled waters this month. Don’t look for tremendous changes, as things are stable across your sign this month, but at the same time, listen to that intuition, and follow where it leads you. The suit of Pentacles is one of the slower-moving suits in the deck, so don’t look for immediate change, and that very same intuition and creativity will let you know when the time is right for some action. So be patient, and don’t rush ahead. The Queen is also one of the more patient figures in the deck, and though people may be looking to you for advice and help, you may also need to put your foot down. The Queen tends to be kind of a martyr, and this can sometimes lead to other people taking advantage of you, especially if you’re eager to avoid conflict. A peaceful and peace-loving nature is a great thing to have, but don’t be a pushover this month either. Discretion and discernment are highlighted for you as well, and you should have little trouble figuring out where you can best apply your talents and experience. Look ahead as well, as you’ll find that far horizon is within your grasp- if you’re able to prepare. Luck, after all, favors the prepared.


Decan 1: (January 20-January 29)

5 of Pentacles

This is one of the cards in the deck that you can interpret in different ways. Which side of that window are you on? The sense that this card gives me is not so much trouble, but rather a sense of a new direction and new idea. Last month was all about examination and understanding. It may be a mixed message however, and may require you to step back from whatever you’re currently working on (or obsessing about, for that matter!). Being in the suit of Pentacles, this promises a longer-term investment, be it of time, money or other resources. You’re looking at the first rumblings of a new idea and new direction, but now is not the time to rush forwards on this. There is a caveat coming with this as well, as you’re not immune to the Mercury retrograde that comes charging through this month. This may manifest for you in confusion and uncertainty, though you may miss this, as your enthusiasm is high and your excitement and zeal for something to do are also high. Balance that excitement with careful planning, as the 5 can indicate trouble. Don’t react, but rather respond to what you find. This may be a subtle difference, but as time goes on you’ll find that your attention to detail will pay off whereas rushing in and trying to do everything all at once will not. You may need to let someone else lead this month, and be receptive to new ideas. This card can indicate something to get excited about, sure- but don’t let ego get in the way of you being able to respond to what you’re presented with this month. Sometimes, you need to admit there are things you don’t know. But isn’t that the way we learn new things?

Decan 2: (January 30-February 8)

9 of Swords

This is a subconscious card: there’s a great deal coming to the surface for you this month, but keep in mind that it is, in fact, all in your head. The suit of Swords focuses on mental factors, and these can seem to be overwhelming- but the question you have this month is, what do you want to act on, and what is simply your mind playing over the past? There’s a difficulty this month in communications, be it with yourself or others. Be on the lookout for mixed signals. Internally, you’re not immune to this either, and may find yourself feeling down in the dumps. But hope is not lost, as things are coming to light. Consider the other side of the suit of Swords, dealing with discernment, understanding and getting to the heart of the matter. Be patient with others and with yourself this month, and don’t be too quick to dismiss other people. Relationships can be tricky, if for no other reason than all the things you’re dealing with. These boogeymen (in a worst-case scenario for you Aquarians) tend to follow their own schedule, not necessarily when it’s convenient for you. So don’t let these things knock you down, and be sure to be patient with everyone in your life. The best way to do this is to talk. Make your needs known, and don’t hesitate to ask for what you need. If someone is getting under your skin, say so. The odds are that you can work this out without burning bridges that you may need later. It’s a month of extremes for you, so proceed with caution. On the one hand, you’ll find emotional extremes and new aspects drifting up from the depths of your own mind, but your own mental faculties are up for the challenge. Use the old carpentry adage of measure twice, cut once this month to avoid any regrets, especially where others are concerned. You may tend towards introversion this month, but again, let others know where you’re at mentally.

Decan 3: (February 9-February 18)

Knight of Cups

Can’t wait to get on the road again? Go for it! The Knight of Cups represents the evolution of the previous month’s 8 of Cups, and promises a clear sense of motion this month. Hanging over your sign is a warning as well. Be sure you know where you’re going, and don’t go following fairy lights into the quicksand. The Knight of Cups is a romantic, idealistic figure who leads with his heart rather than his (or her) head, and this can sometimes lead to seeking instant gratification. There are two forces at work this month for you, one of which is the quick and easy path, the other leading you farther, with more gradual change. Which you choose to follow is up to you. This Knight has an aspect of slow movement, however- weigh your options and decisions carefully, and ask yourself, what would I do if I were standing outside of this situation, from a completely objective viewpoint? You can’t see the end of the road this month, but you have seen the map already; otherwise, you wouldn’t have started this journey in the first place! Remember that idealism, as this is an important side of the Knight for you this month. There may be distractions, perhaps even setbacks here and there, but you have an ability to take these in stride. That same charisma and will that allows you to win hearts and minds can be turned to other purposes as well this month, and staying focused is the key. It’s a good time to examine where you’re going, get your bearings and take your time before proceeding onwards. Often I think of this Knight as taking a break, looking at his Cup as if to discern something from its depths. His horse almost seems impatient, wanting to get back on the way, and the Knight needs to rein in that strength and enthusiasm, and be sure where they’re both going is in line with the quest he set out on in the first place. Don’t look for drastic, tremendous change this month- that horse’s impatience is not out of boredom, but rather out of a desire to reach the goal. Or to find some grass to munch on- you must choose carefully this month, but don’t worry, as your guidance and direction are solid.


Decan 1: (February 19-February 29)

King of Cups
From the Necronomicon Tarot

This month is about understanding what’s going on around you. For me the King of Cups has always been about family, and family is not necessarily relatives. Those people close to you, however that may be, are highlighted this month, and bring a lot to you, be it questions, concerns or problems. The King is often depicted as a priest, and this emphasizes a connection to whatever higher power you may be following. You have a need for emotional and mental balance this month, so although there is a lot pointing towards supportive and deepening relationships this month, you’ll also need to take time to reconnect with the world around you. Get some time outside, take a walk, set aside an hour for meditation, whatever you can do not just to relax, but to clear your head as well. There’s a danger with this King of taking on too much from other people, and your sign is a highly empathic one. Be sure to keep things circulating- you may tend to take on other people’s negativity, not out of anger or reaction but rather from picking up the energy of others or simply trying to help. The best way to help is not to try to take on everyone’s troubles, but rather to work on yourself as well. You’ll be connected to the world around you, and especially to your native Water, either symbolically or literally. Cleansing is an important thing to focus on this month. If you’re taking on that negativity from other people or just from the world around you, that’s not a bad thing, and in fact is something of a unique ability. But be sure to get rid of it as well! Filtered water isn’t just sloshed around, but has everything taken out of it and returned in its purer form. Apply this both to yourself and others, and you’ll be able to help others while helping yourself as well. Overall, the focus is on mutual gain and mutual benefit- you’ll be able to work towards a common goal, led by a potent mix of your higher power’s guidance, your own intuition and practical, day-to-day direction from others.

Decan 2: (March 1-March 9)

8 of Wands

As the month progresses, you’ll find things coming together, and a lot of motion for you. You’ve gone from an 8 of Wands back in March to a 10 of Wands in April, and now we’re back to another 8. The long and short of it is simply to go with the flow this month; you may have encountered some resistance previously, but the direction and forces around you are busting out this month, driving you down the stream. If you think of the previous month’s 10 as a dam in a river, this month the floods are coming to knock it down. This too can be a little overwhelming, especially since you tend to try to adapt to whatever is going on around you. This adaptiveness can mean you work well in any situation, but that current can sweep you away if you’re not careful. Remember the 10 the previous month, which also has with it the sense of a foundation. Know what your limits are this month, and while you’ll be looking at a generally smooth ride, you’ll also need to set boundaries for yourself. Don’t let that adaptiveness become passiveness, as you’ll need to set sane limits for yourself. The environment you find yourself in this month will not, so you’ll need to step up and define what you want and don’t want out of this month. Look for career changes, but again, you’ll need to avoid taking on too much. Take things one step at a time. Delegating tasks is important as well. You’ll need to focus on what’s important to you, so let other people handle what they are best at- work with what you know this month, and you may well be surprised at what that can produce!

Decan 3: (March 9- March 19)

6 of Wands

Expect a pat on the back this month, and with it, further opportunities. The previous month brought us the 7 of Cups, and this month has a strong indication of coming through that time of change and movement successfully. The 6 has a strong sense of personal achievement as well. You didn’t get where you are by dumb luck alone, and it’s time to stand up and be recognized for that. Your focus this month is on creative projects, and you’ll have little difficulty selling ideas, either literally or figuratively speaking. It’s a good month to start a creative project. Enthusiasm is certainly present here, and the time is right to get started. The previous month took care of a lot of the preparation and consideration, and if you feel ready to start, you should certainly do so. You may find other people in supportive roles as well, and they will definitely share your enthusiasm. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to avoid false starts and emotional swings, which could be a problem this month. It’s better to maintain a consistent steady focus than be on fire one day and a wet blanket the next. Remember the patience and contemplation you’ve learned so far, as these are very much assets for you, especially in light of a somewhat mercurial nature. (In terms of changeability, not the planet). There is a Mercury retrograde going on this month as well, so you’ll need to keep things on an even keel, and try to avoid being too reactionary. Don’t fly off the handle. Instead, consult those close to you, think it through, and act accordingly. You’re in a leadership position in many ways this month, so others will take on a dual role of advisers and followers for you. And that role is indeed deserved.

That wraps it up for this month, and so I'll close it out by borrowing from the old Rolling Stones song- you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need! Sometimes the universe points us in strange directions. Don't be afraid to take a chance- and make this summer your own! There's no time like the present to start chasing dreams. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Uses of the Deck Interview Technique

This spread comes to us from Elm Dealande, and can be used to “interview” a new deck. The design and theme of a deck is often what makes a particular reader gravitate towards a particular deck over another, and in many cases readers find they use specific decks for specific readings or types of readings, while other decks work well for different readings. I have a few favorites, and find generally the Rider-Waite, with Pamela Colman-Smith’s illustrations, works well as a good all-purpose deck. The imagery is of a medieval theme, generally Judeo-Christian in its symbolism, and the Minor Arcana cards have illustrative pictures. It’s fairly easy to use, but perhaps I use it most because it’s the first deck I had, and the one I learned to read with. But really, it’s up to you. One benefit of living in a digital age (apart from everyone being able to read this, ha ha) is that you can get a look at the wide variety of decks that are out there, and look for one that resonates with you personally. One example is the Deviant Moon Tarot- I’ve noticed people seem to either like this deck or hate it, finding it either easy to relate to or impossible to understand. It incorporates some odd and surreal imagery, and may not be for everyone. Likewise, I had a tough time with the Wildwood Tarot, incorporating a lot of animal and nature images. Not that I have anything against animals and nature, but I had a difficult time relating to this deck. It depends a great deal on you personally. When I read for other people, I often change decks when I’m reading for one person after another, and admittedly, this has more to do with me than the person, as I use decks that I can work easily with, and find switching decks keeps things fresh and ready for the next set of questions I encounter.
Some artwork from the Deviant Moon deck

But on to the spread. There are a good number of layouts there for interviewing a deck, and you can choose one which, once again, works best for you. But if you have a deck that you haven’t done much work with, you might want to consider this to find out where that deck can fit in the greater scheme of things. The layout of this particular deck spread looks like this:

2    3    4

5    6    7   8    9

It’s read from top to bottom, with each position holding a particular meaning, and addressing a particular question. This deck is the Tarot of the Pagan Cats, and this particular spread comes from Glarawel’s blog, Here There Be Magic.
The positions are read as follows:

11.    What is your nature? What can you be used for, and what should I avoid doing with this deck?

22.    What are your strengths? Another similar question here, what areas are you best suited for reading with? And what areas can I expect more difficulty in examining?

33.    What do you like doing best? What would be the easiest use for you? In other words, what areas do you most resonate with?

44.    What are your weaknesses? What should I not use this deck for, and what are the areas it will shed the least light and clarity on? You’d be surprised, some decks are more adaptable to serious, type A people, while others lean more towards relaxed daydreamers.

55.    What do you not like doing? What won’t work well in this case? What areas (i.e. relationships, career, spirituality) should I avoid asking you about?
66.    How do you feel about me? Not every deck, as I’ve mentioned before, will work with every person. Especially when reading for yourself, you may find a deck is prone to giving you advice about certain areas of life. You’re unlikely to find a “hostile” deck, one that flat out doesn’t want to work with you, but again, you’ll find different decks have different strong points.

77.    What do you think I need to learn? The Tarot is a tool of discovery, and this position asks what is there still to discover that you can show me? This isn’t always “You’re totally awesome and your life is completely in order”, but you can examine this position in terms of what areas of life you can focus your attention on when using this deck.

88.    How can I work to achieve that? This is a pretty well-phrased question in any reading, and here it provides the next step from the previous question- what you need to know here is followed up with how do you get there?

99.    Where do you see us going? What role does this deck fill? What am I likely to be using it for as time goes on?

The questions here are phrased as if the deck is a person you’re recruiting for your team, be it business or otherwise. What the deck does and does not do can help you determine where in your life it can go. Keep in mind when you choose a deck, that something drew you to this particular deck in the first place. Try to put that into words; sometimes you’ll just have a gut feeling that this deck will work for you. That shouldn’t be discounted or written off, but examine it and try to ascertain what you liked about this deck in the first place. I’ve had a deck where the main thing I liked was “it looks like an old factory town, full of secrets, with a body of water close by”. This was the Deviant Moon deck, and from this I learned the deck can point to areas of life that for me aren’t always the most comfortable, and tend to get pushed aside and ignored. Other decks may well give you a good feeling, and this positive side of things can be just as helpful too.
Now, we have a spread here that deals with a relationship between you, the reader, and the deck. There are other applications of this spread, and when you substitute your situation for the deck, you can perform a very similar interview technique here as well. What is this situation trying to tell you, and what will it take to move beyond it? Modifying these questions a little bit, we get this:

11.    What is the nature of this situation? Is it helpful, or is it an obstacle to be overcome? This position would indicate what the “presenting symptoms” are. What do you see this situation as? What does the situation appear to be, and is this an accurate picture?  This can determine how you respond to it. 

22.    What are the strong points in this situation? What are your strengths? You may find these in opposition to the situation itself, which is fine- that can indicate what you need to bring to the table. Your insight, your determination, your stubbornness or flexibility can appear here.

33.    What do you like doing best? You have things that you can draw strength from, or areas you’re most experienced in. How can you turn these to deal with the current situation? Keep in mind that if you have a helpful, positive situation that highlights your strengths, you can definitely make that work for you.

44.    What are your weaknesses? Are there any sore spots in the situation, or something (or someone, even) that really gets under your skin? These may not be readily apparent, and may be somewhere you’re not looking.

55.    What do you not like doing? Is there some step you’re avoiding, or some area that you’re going out of your way to avoid? This too may not be readily apparent, but using your strengths you can likewise address this area.

66.    How does this situation view you? What, in other words, is your relationship to this situation and any other parties in it? Perhaps you’re appearing like an interloper or a busybody. This doesn’t make this perception true necessarily, but can help to explain some reactions you may be finding, as well as areas where you encounter the most resistance.

77.    What do I need to learn? Another important question is, what does this situation teach you? What can you take away from it? Success may not always be guaranteed, but here you can get an idea where you should be directing your energy. If you're beating your head against the wall in the hopes of a breakthrough, there may be a better, yet different way. You may be called to walk away from a situation, or to take on a new perspective. The human mind is a creature of habit, and changing it can sometimes take effort.

88.    How can I work to achieve that? This question is a bit more practical- what do you need to do in terms of action, and what can you do to get through the situation? How do you want to resolve it, and what can you expect from that course of action? If you find a worrisome card here, it may be a good idea to look at the other cards- what alternative courses of action are available to you?

99.    What is the likely outcome of this situation? Your course of action may well be proven right, or it may be that you have to change tactics. This position addresses the question of, given my current course and current path, what will likely happen? Again the spread is self-referencing. If you aren’t comfortable with this outcome, go back through and see what you can change, and where potential difficulties can arise.
So instead of putting the deck on the spot, you put your own situation on the spot. In both cases, you’ll find that you’re essentially personifying what you have to work with. Then, have a conversation with this persona. Like a person, it has goals and ideas of its own, and so working with those goals and ideas can lead you to resolution and moving beyond any areas you may find yourself stuck at an impasse in.